UK to negotiate with Al Qaeda?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JimmyNeutron, May 30, 2008.

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  1. The thought of negotiating with the IRA 30 years ago would have brought the same reaction.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Firstly, what makes this 'copper' an authority on international relations and politics?

    Unlike N.I., in which British forces were hamstrung by laws and green cards in what was seen as only a civil matter - IE: the rules of war could not be used, the fight against A.Q. is an international fight against terrorists who's aims are not in the slightest bit compatible with Western ideologies.

    The I.R.A. merely wanted Britain out of N.I., or at the very least, representation on the seat of power. That is something that one can negotiate, or even use democracy to sort out.

    A.Q. wants to see the world under Sharia law. It wants to take the world back to the dark ages. You can't negotiate your way through that one, even with the best will in the world.

    The good news is that, because this is an international fight (one that is fought as a war in other countries), one can use the rules of warfare - and thus kill anyone who fights for this twisted ideology. The 'Anbar Awakening' and other such political risings in other countries is effectively either reducing support for these twallecks, or simply exterminating the protagonists, just as US and British forces are doing in both Iraq and Afghan. We are working hard to win hearts and minds by giving the majority what they seek, and providing the means to martyr as many of the A.Q. reps as we can. Unlike in N.I. where we had to imprison the terrorists, and thus their numbers always remained, or even increased (such as during internment), with A.Q. we are killing them off.

    The attrition rate is high for these people, and so long as we support the majority and continue to work on hearts and minds, then the numbers of A.Q. members still alive will gradually reduce, until the rest realises that there is only one path if they choose the route of A.Q. - death, without passing go, and without collecting £200.
  3. I'd take one of Biped's points a stage further - I don't accept al qaeda has a recognisable aim at all.

    It's just a load of disgruntled people who get off on being the world's numero uno terrorist. Their claimed justification is entirely secondary to this. If we appease their desire for Sharia, there will be a splinter group demanding a slightly different version of Sharia etc.

    So what do you negotiate on?
  4. Agreed direct negotiations with A.Q. would be immpossible.

    My bold, I think this is a type of negotiation that hopefully, will eventually, lead to an acute shortage of A.Q. recruits.
  5. My main beef with this is how a "Top Cop" is undermining the feckin hard work our Forces are doing.

    The idea of negotiation with AQ is a joke at the best of times. Whats his next idea? negotiating with cancer?

    Edited cause I can't spell!
  6. 60+ pages of comments on Sky News.
    some loonies are even agreeing with this bloke. The "stop spending my taxpayers money" lot, you know the type.
  7. maybe his comments are kind of predictable given the left wing leanings of many senior police officers?
  8. mmmmm,

    so AQ we will pull out of Iraq

    AQ - World Islamic State

    And Afg

    AQ - World Islamic state

    errr Saudi

    AQ - World Islamic state


    AQ - World Islamic state

    OK, so we surrender to you and get nothing in return?

    AQ - Yes, give us everything in return for nothing and we get to carry out genocide in Israel. For starters.

    OK, shall I bend over for you too?

    Sounds fair to me, as least they would sort the Chav mongs out!
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Is he talking sense or complete b*llocks? I think he may have a point but considering al-Qa'ida is unlike any terrorist organisation we have ever seen,I think it's a bit of a pipe dream.
    Opinions chaps?

    Can we talk??

  10. Of course we should talk to AL-qaida...from behind their prison cells in Guantanamo!
    Or with an SA-80 A2 pointed squarley at Bin Laden before hearing his last words.

    We cannot reasonably discuss anything with these fanatics and despots nor should we, particularly because they have murdered British and allied servicemen as well as countless civilians in attempting to reach their nefarious ends.
  11. Simon Heffer in the Telegraph articulates some of my opinion nicely:

    ...and, of course, the result of the jaw-jaw was that we have the planners and glorifiers of all that murder sitting in Government over us, while their unpunished instruments of murder are on our streets. It isn't justice, it isn't democracy and it isn't right. If Orde wants to magnify that injustice and wrong a hundredfold, he'll do it by succeeding in bringing random religious anarchists into our democratic institutions.
  12. With Biped and most of you on this one.

    He's mad. Its almost like he's said it to get the liberals and AQ on side. So they dont slot him perhaps?
  13. Bearing in mind the above and re appropriating a reply Stalin made when warned about the Catholic Church, may I ask you:

    "How many divisions does Osama have?"