UK to lobby US for Iraq contracts

Tony Blair is sending the foreign trade minister, Mike O'Brien, to Washington to lobby for UK companies to be given more contracts to help rebuild Iraq.
Most big deals so far have been awarded to US firms. Papers leaked to the Guardian newspaper suggest ministers' rising frustration over the situation.

The Guardian says Mr O'Brien is meeting US officials ahead of a new round of contracts being awarded in March.

Number 10 has confirmed his visit, but would not comment on the leaked papers.
Well done Beloved Leader (May the light of his countenance be upon our endeavours)

Here's how to get the Americans to give us big contracts. Send an effete twat. That will work every time.

You have the Deputy Prime Minister twiddling his thumbs,and up for a proper row send him. Better still, GO YOURSELF. Better than that, start making some very public noise about the fact the Americans heve reneged on our "Special relationship"

We have been utterly shafted on contracts, the Corimecs etc are built by a "British" company you say? Are they bollox.

59 dead British heroes , a bill for occupation tht won't go away in a hurry, and which will lead to cuts elsewhere, and on top of it all , the Americans , in spite of numerous statements, are still thinking, "Fugg them"

You need someone to go out there and bang a fist on a table and make some bloody noise, and he needs to come back with a result.

But no, it's begging bowl and "Please Georgie" time again. Try threatening to reduce our commitment in the area now, and see how quickly the Americans will come to an arrangement.

But you won't will you, you're sending a middle ranking arrselicker and a consumate diplomat.

Awww Bollix, we've covered this before :evil: :evil:

Its the least the septics could do, :evil: :evil: :evil:

F@~king inbreed tosspots

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