UK to get unified border force

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. it was mentioned in another thread, but here is the full story from the BBC


  2. Does this mean we will get an efficient force, trained and equipped to PROPERLY enforce the entry requirements?? With powers to reject, detain and remove unwanted unentitled potential immigrants?

    Afraid I doubt it and can see yet another cobbled together knee jerk in the hope of allaying fears, and getting a polotico's name on the headlines again.

  3. Interseting!! I would like to know where they are recruiting the manpower for this particular unit, or whether it's an amalgamation of existing dept's already employed within this field. Seeing as there are so many ex forces personnel knocking around and due to leave, i would have thought they could make a good contribution in this area with skills aquired during service.

    don't know if anyone else has thoughts on this matter?
  4. Excellent idea TT, positively brilliant. That's why the politicians will never do it.

    This will be the existing organisations 'rebranded' and put on show as the all singing all dancing answer to the problems. For that reason it won't be effective because the mindset will not change, the regulations and procedures will not change and the necessary powers will not be forthcoming because it would offend 'Yooman Rites' legislation!!!

    I do however agree with you, what is needed is a military style organisation which will apply the laws etc fairly but strictly. Let's face it though, it won't happen like that!! :cry:
  5. As I said in the UK Border Police thread - just a collection of people who could'nt do the job in the first place amalgamated and given a new name, maybe a new uniform. But no new force and no real differance.

    Setting up the kind of Border Force that is needed to protect our country would cost money - and there's no way the one-eyed, lying, gutless CNUT is going to spend the money he stole from us. :evil:

    I have rarely been as p1ssed off as I am today. :pissedoff: It's my sincere hope that AQ do everyone a favour and suicide bomb parliament - in the middle of PMQ's.
  6. Your positivity inspires me no end lol.

    Have to say though i agree with you entirely.
  7. I watched and listened to the announcement and the questions in the House and will reserve full judgement until I have read Hansard and available documents, but regarding border controls:
    - not every Brit will have biometric passports or ID cards by 2009.
    - border control won't stop legal possession of multiple passports after deed poll name changes.
    - where will the chunnel trains stop so that all passengers can be checked?
    - where will the internment camps be located for those failing to get entry into (or exit from) U.K. but arrive at the checkpoint(s) anyway?
    - what 'warnings list' of EU passports will there be when the EU won't share information?