UK to get MC-27J Gunship??

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by This Tribe, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. This Tribe

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    I happened to be browsing the Gizmodo website when I came across the article below. All very interesting, especially as it illustrates that even the USA can't afford everything they want. Imagine my surprise however to read the last line which suggests that we're getting them/one!

    Now I've no doubt that DSF would love to be able to call upon these but I cannot find anything else online which refers to us getting them. The question is therefore is this another UK 'black' purchase or has the website below just made a mistake?

  2. You never actually posted a link to the website.

    As for Gripen... great advertising for a second rate plane...
  3. So its a medium sized cargo plane with a Bushmaster poking out the side door?
  4. Yup
  5. We've already got one, although it must be admitted that in the finest tradition of UK PLC our C-130J isn't actually fitted with the cannon, but some clever baggage-mangler could easily create the necessary aperture.
  6. We'd never buy it...

    ...we would much rather spend the next 15 years modifying Tristars by fitting surplus CVR(T) turrets in the cargo door.

    Now, where's Tekirdag when you need him? ;-)
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  7. Get with the programme, killing people is yukky.
  8. Excellent! How many billion quid is the MOD splashing out on each one of these then?

    Re-inventing Spooky fifty years later
  9. If we were to ever get them (and I don't believe it) would they not languish at Boscombe Down for 10 years while the MOD try to get the GPS bird to speak in a British, not American, English accent?