UK to get 4G networks this year.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by northern-matelot, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Due to the airwaves now being freed at the bandwidth that analogue TV once ocupied, Offcom has now devided that Everything Everywhere (The owners of Orange and T-Mobile) are to be allowed to roll out their LTE 4G network next month (with Three postentiall buying some bandwidth off them to also become 4G). This has annoyed the other 2 networks Vodaphone and O2 (O2 already has 4G equipment set up in the capital and is just waiting to be allowed to turn it on).

    Vodafone's Livid, O2's Disappointed, But Three's Secretly Excited About Everything Everywhere's 4G in 2012 | Gizmodo UK
  2. Pity they just don't increase the available 3G bandwidth to the point where it becomes a reliable service with full national coverage.
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  3. It's not too bad round where I am - Except the one place that doesn't have 3G signal seems to be my workplace :/ I'm assuming that 4G internet is just a faster version of mobile internet? I just got a new contract so it looks like I'll be waiting a while.. :<
  4. Yeh- where a web page may take 1 second to load on 3G, on 4G it's said to take 0.25seconds. As for the reliability of 3G, I'm assuming like the hype and numbers of people that jumped to 3G when it first came out, so to will happen with 4G, leaving more space on the 3G network for those not really bothered about upgrading. For those who are mind, I'm already guessing they will be they type of people with a deposit inplace for a new iPhone being that it's rumoured to be 4G compatible.
  5. The old analogue UHF spectrum hasnt been released yet so Vodafone etc have to wait. The Orange/T-Mobile network frequency plan has enough spare capacity for them to operate their own 4G network alongside their 3G. It will only be in major metropolitan areas.

    O-TM have been clever with this one, however standby for the gripes of how it isnt true 4G. It will be 4G -lite operating at 5-25Mbps which is still awesome compared to the 350Kbps you get off 3G.

    Very few handsets are true 4G, most are 4G-lite compatable.
  6. Don't really see the point in Britain. Only means you'll hit your data cap or trigger your "fair usage" policy clause quicker.
  7. Being a man that works to rolls out the networks, dont get excited about 4G this year it wont be happening, firstly Everything Everywhere (and what a sh1te name that is) dont have a national network, just like the opther operators they have small 'test bed' networks in several different parts of the country. So no sites = no coverage.

    If the legal challenges dont stop it, the biggy, the real biggy is - who has a 4G compliant phone? For the avoidence of doubt the iPhone 4 (or the 4S either) is not 4G compliant

    Rumour has it that the iPhone 5 MAY be compliant but given that in Europe each countries 4G network operates differently youcan need a seperate device for each country!

    If you want to part with several bags of cash for a compliant phone, an account etc what do you get for your money - download speeds camparable with a land line - assuming you are very close to an installation, and no one else is using it!
  8. Taking the UK long enough...been about 2-3 years now since it has been rolled out in the U.S. (at least major cities).
  9. If the Labour government hadn't been quite so recklessly greedy for tax during the 3G airwave auctions, perhaps the UK networks could have afforded to roll out a much better network coverage and capacity. Depressing example of how incompetent UK government (all parties) can manage to tax-cripple what should have been a major technological/economic enhancement for the country with the win/win bonus of it all being rolled out by the private sector....

    (I'm not surprised that Google and other entities are struggling to get "cloud" services accepted - who is going to base their business in the cloud when there is no reliable wifi/mobile broadband coverage?)
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  10. Correctomundo,with 3G/4G the further away from the site you are the less efficient the radio signal is, and as users log on, the cell coverage shrinks so to speak. So as users log on and off the coverage expands/shrinks, in the trade the cell 'breaths'. So if you are the only person using the cell and are on the peripheral of the coverage you will get coverage but not at high speeds, if then a shed load of other users log on much closer to the site then you will simply not be in the coverage area anymore and not have access. In major cities sites are often closer than 500m, compared to up to 5000m+ in extreme rural areas.

    2G (normal voice) doesnt behave like this, provided you stay in the coverage area then in theory no matter how many users log on then coverage and capacity stay the same (there are anomilies - try calling on the stroke of the New Year - the networks effectively sieze up).
  11. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    sand_rat, is 4G compatibility a software issue or does it require specific hardware in the device? If the former, you might hope that firmware upgrades can do the job, particularly on Android devices - although I accept that no big phone maker is going to screw themselves out of future sales by updating old kit for free. Guess it depends on whether it can be done on the OS or the device-specific code.

  12. Well attended football match (Premiership/International) can be interesting as well.
  13. BNM, would imagine so, however not my area of speciality (assumes of course that I do have an area of speciality in the first place), but a very cynical person - and if being cynical was an olympic sport I am a podium contender - then perhaps dont have a software update, but make you buy the new phone!

    No, no sand_rats how could you even think such a thing, surely not I hear everyone cry . . .
  14. On the Orange network and my phone has what looks like H+ on the data/smurfing internet speed settings, 3,3G and H+.
    Is this H+ another way of doing G4 lite. The transfer speed really is very good on H+.
    Phone came fitted with H+ and was new in April this year.

  15. CG, sorry not a man who would know about the H+ function, need someone a bit more 'techy' me thinks.