UK To Compensate Kenya's Mau Mau Victims.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Britain is set to pay compensation to around 5,200 victims of torture in prison camps set up during Kenya's Mau Mau conflict in the 1950s.

    Foreign Secretary William "Egghead" Hague will tell the Commons on Thursday that the survivors, who suffered abuses including castration, rape and beatings, will get £2,600 each.

    £2,600 Compo for these crimes after 60 odd years is a insultive piss take me thinks.

    Link .. UK To Compensate Kenya's Mau Mau Victims | Manchester's No 1 Hit Music Radio Station
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  2. Bet you.
  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    going by the current pay rates over there its a hefty life changing sum and most of the detentions were quite short and they were at war with us and the other tribes. the abuse the mau mau got of their own non tribal govts lasted far longer and is still going on.

    if we give them too much it will only get stolen by 'officials'
  4. Sounds a little on the cavalier side considering castration, rape and beatings were involved.

    But why was this issue swept under the carpet for so long ?
  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    because it was handed over to the new local govt who refused to deal with it - the usual tribal politics as the mau mau didnt get into power.

    if you base it on current living standards and the time they were in the camps - few were treated badly by brits most were just interned.

    it seems paltry by western standards but its similar to the gurka pension arguament. my missus is going to madagascar next month - a can of coke costs 30p which is a months wages for some - perspective is important.
  6. Good heavens what a load of bollocks - they should've been f****d off at the high port. I wonder if the recipients of the compensation will be forced to pay reparations to the thousands who were brutally maimed and tortured by Mau Mau?
    Can't make this shit up. What a precedent to set - every terrorist joker who imagines he suffered under the brutally oppressive British colonial heel will be poling up with outstretched hand.
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  7. This is outrageous.

    From now on I refuse to watch long distance running.
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  8. Kikuyu pikeys of Kenya get compensation money, we were at war. They were and still are a evil murderous tribe with a penchant for depravity and wrecking where ever they live. This one tribe is despised in the area, I think they should have been told to do one at the first opportunity. Once again my tax is going on a political appeasement to a culture that has no direct influence on UK life, a culture that has no respect for the UK and designed to appeal to the loony left.

    14 million pounds that would be better spent on the NHS, Housing, and encouraging growth.

    Not one of these compensated people have been investigated for what they did.
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  9. I just wonder when the Gov't is going to stop apologising to everyone for everything that happened in the past- it's Compensation Culture on Acid.
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  10. If we give the Mau Mau compensation are they going to give their victims'families the same for turning their loved ones into steak tartare?
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  11. Fornicate em (this being current affairs...) there is no-one alive after 60 years who was in a position of responsibility, and I reject the concept of collective guilt.
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  12. hotel_california

    hotel_california LE Book Reviewer

    As a Celt I'm very unhappy about the treatment my lot got off the Romans. Therefore, until such time as I am adequately compensated and receive an apology of Giorgio Napolitano, that tin of alphabetti spaghetti stays in the cupboard.
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  13. Probably cheaper to hand over the £13.5 million than to keep fighting it an a succession of increasingly expensive court cases, even if we won in the end.
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  14. Oh, FFS, right, if we re going that far, what with the Provos etc, then may I please air my views for a possible compensation claim?:

    I was treated inhumanely, especially for the first 6 weeks, also thereafter for the remaining 10,5 months, I was forced to run around with a weapon above my head, do "Legs raise", "Nugger, 6 inches, 6 kin inches not feet", and forced to sit against a wall for ages.

    Also when I got transfered, the abuse didnt stop, I was forced to tidy up a large complex and all the vehicles too. Then they sent me to a place that I didnt want to go to, across the water, where nasty people were also abusing us. The icing on the cake was when I was sent to a sandy place to sort someone elses problems out.

    Then after 8 years I left the place and had a few bad years reflecting on everything.

    Now thats gotta be worth a few grand, surely.............
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  15. If you can't take a joke...............
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