UK to be sued over Oz nuclear testing

If anything,we should be suing the manufactureres of said weapons,because after all that time, we still didn't manage to sink Australia. :lol:
Why are we being sued? Hasn't the 'sphincter-brain' apologised for whatever?

Naughty Mr. Mandelson, you forgot to tell 'rectum-face' to apologise for whatever it was.


A case of reckless use of weapons of mass destruction?
If this case can be proved beyond reasonable doubt then the Aborigine's are entitled to justice.
The same applies to British veterans of Christmas Island and Bikini Island.
Britain was FAR too wild with Nuclear testing in the 50s and 60s.
Tests of this nature by today's understanding of Nuclear Weapons could undoubtedly be deemed as being reckless.
There are many examples of people still being born today with serious genetic disorders as a direct result of their grand parents being exposed to radiation!
Funk about with RADIO ACTIVITY and many GENERATIONS let alone people will be doomed !!
"If they win, the British Government could be faced with a bill for compensation which will run to millions of pounds, according to lawyers for the group, which will be represented by Cherie Booth QC. "

Excuse moi I have just gone into jibber mode.
Cherry Boove

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