UK Ticket Holder Wins Euro Millions


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Blow me, you're quick, trigger, just got up???


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EuroMillions head office have suggested that I take £16,000,000 a year for 10 years rather than the full £160,000,000 outright.
So I told them that if they're going to **** me about, I'll have my £2 back.
I am very pleased to say it wasn't me who won it and I will be returning to work tomorrow morning, like every ******* morning
WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

did ANY of you actually read the article. It said if the winner is a single person and not a syndicate then by winning over £161 million... they would be the 430th richest person in the UK. only the 430th. Ive never felt such a peasant.
If i won id dress in full Knight regalia and ride into work on a steed straight into the OC's office and lance the **** right through his throat. Then catch the first Emirates flight (Business class of course) out of the country!
At 1830 this evening I received a email from the lottery fellas with the title "News about your ticket".Now I assume some crow bag in Lottery HQ fukked up and forgot to send it earlier to tell me I am the big winner!!! Haven't opened it yet,going to leave the lap top open in front of our lass with said unopened email showing the rest of the evening,it will drive her up fooking the wall.
We shall see.................(but I doubt it)
What I want to know is... IF you win the lottery jackpot (ie first prize) do you also get your pound back ? on top of the win that is.I bet the measly buggers keep it. Legally, if you have purchased the winning ticket, then, surely its yours physically as well as in entitlement to the agreement between you and the lottery company the terms of which are printed thereon. If the said ticket cost a pound, then by rights that pound should be redeemable in compense upon surrender of it. I would like to point out Im not pedantic... but I am a bit tight.
Take a closer look into the reality of a large financial win ....

1. It is very difficult for the recipient to keep their propulsion of wealth secret.

2. Family and friends will expect generous hand outs and they will quickly become your enemy if they don't get a decent amount of wedge.

3. Begging letters by the sack load.

4. Family members at risk of blackmail and kidnap for ransom.

5. Every ****** wants to be your friend all of a sudden.

6. The recipient can be at risk of Drug/Alcohol problems via the "wild spending lifestyle".

If one is not accustomed to dealing with this amount of wealth, the down side is .... It can make you go loopy!

Reckon you can deal with the above ??
Absolutely, anyone apart from immediate friends and family would be fucked off sharpish, large donation to charity, the remainder written into a will to be left to serving mates when I pass, would then proceed to spend it, dying a drug-addled, STD riddled mess on my own private island surrounded by hookers, a fortnight later.
They've suggested that I keep sending begging letters to myself to put the Press and meedja offen the scent.....
I'm always intrigued why the lucky winner waits before the win is claimed. I'm guessing whoever it is must be sitting down contemplating:

1/ How can we claim the loot and keep it from our relations and friends?
2/ What are we going to do with it?
3/ How I can claim it without letting my husband/wife knowing?

Too fanciful? Well perhaps it's more like:

4/ Where the fcuk did I/we put that ticket.
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