UK the best place in the world probably...........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. yes proud to be British

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  2. No I want to jump ship and leave uk

  3. im from another country and i want to be British

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  1. I have travelled round the USA and Canada as well as Mexico recently this year, as well as having travelled to Europe and North Africa in the past, I have come to the conclusion that having looked at the upside and downside of most of the countries I have been to.

    I have come to the conclusion that the UK is possibily the best country to live in in spite of the the difficulties we are in now regarding immigration and Corruption in government as well as other issues, the many benefits of living in the UK is...
    A long History and many historical buildings and more Pagentry than you can shake a stick at.
    Great scenery,
    The NHS (better than US medicare)
    Decent welfare system Cradle to grave
    Pub culture (nuff said),
    Good transport infrastructure you can actually get around without a car
    Cheap access to Foreign destinations It is actually cheaper to have 2 weeks in Spain/Greece than in Blackpool
    Political Stability in spite of any political parties in Government.
    Our own particular sense of humour
    Our Martial nature always ready to go to a fight and stick up for the underdogs.
    One world in London, 300 languages spoken, many ethnic foods on offer, long history of tolerance of our melting pot (as long as they integrate)
    Strong regional identity.
    One of the strongest and stable economy in the world.

    I could go on, while i do find that America is nice so is Canada, there are uosides and downside to these countries as there is in many others, all in all, having considered everything, I genuinely believe that the United Kingdom is the Best place in the World to live in and is worth fighting for, I for one is not about to jump ship and emigrate in spite of what some people do say and grumble about the state of the country etc etc , of course there are those that leave for marriages/relationships or other personal reasons which is fair enough, to leave merely because of the state of the country is similar to the asylum seekers leaving their own country instead of sticking around and fixing it.

    I could go on....
    suffice to say , the British passport that I have is very special, it like a membership book of a very special club, let try to keep it that why, make it worth having, rather handed out like smarties..........
  2. I deliberately havent voted in this poll as to be impartial,

    to date noticed 2 have voted no, interesting.

    care to expand on why ? it would be interesting

    ditto for the 7 that have voted proud to be British.

    I would like to open a reasoned debate on the merit of Britian compared to the rest of the world...........
  3. Have you given Ireland a thought?

    Well I would say that, wouldn't I? :D :D :D

  4. I have to vote yes, this land is where my views originate.
  5. There's a couple of missing options, i.e:

    'I'm British, but live abroad',
    'I'm a foreigner who's quite happy where he is thank you'

    As such, I haven't voted yet.

    Don't think the rest of the world aren't equally proud of their country, because many of them are............sometimes even justifiably!!
  6. I've already jumped ship but I'm still proud to be British even though I'm an expat!!
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    As a foreigner who grew up in the colonies on a diet of the Empire coming to the UK clutching my British passport ten years ago was like coming home, what makes Britain the best are the people.
  8. Me & Mrs_Mad are off there next year!.
  9. Yes I'm proud to be British but I don't necessarily want to live there.
  10. Proud to be British at the moment, but I'll be proud to be an Aussie next year.

    Same Sovereign, stronger government, better climate, and the major plus point for me is that my kids will be much less likely to be raped/murdered for kicks/fat.

    Plus, I've not been to East Timor yet, rather looking forward to that! 8)
  11. I have a visa for Oz, emigrating next year. I can't stand to watch my country turning into a cesspit any longer. I will remain English to the core. Not enough voting options by the way.

  12. Looking for NZ in 2 years time.
  13. I am fiercely proud to be British but lifestyle etc is much better abroad; many thanks Mr Bliar
  14. I guess we haven't changed a lot over the centuries:-

    "I do not think that there is a people more prejudiced in its own favour than the British people. They allow this to appear in their talk and manners, and look on foreigners with contempt, thinking nothing as well done as in their own country...."

    "Their troops fight with great valour, as has been shown to advantage in the recent wars. There are few English, however, who go to look for trouble if it does not come to them..."

    "The common people, who are naturally brutal and insolent, and probably more so here than anywhere else, are great fighters...."

    "They naturally have a good and compassionate nature, and believe that they push these qualities further than any other nation, which is what makes them say that 'good-natured people' are not found other than in England...."

    "During the day, it is the common people who fuddle themselves with spirits, gin and strong beer..."

    "...there is such a great amount of corruption here. Several things contribute to it: the freedom and mildness of the government, the impunity with which vice is pursued, the lack of education of the young people,..."

    "Another big fault with the English is that they are great swearers. It is not just the common people who have this unfortunate habit: officers, fops and numbers of others begin to swear to puff themselves up, then continue swearing out of habit. Bad education and bad examples contribute a great deal to this vice."

    Cesar de Saussure

    February 7th 1727, Letters from London
  15. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm with biscuits on this one. I'm proud to be British but I'll be jumping ship to Oz as soon as I'm at the pension point - mrs utg won't let it happen before that and still needs a touch more persuading.

    Many thanks, Neue Arbeit and the rest of the professional politicians, for making me want to retire and die in a country different to the one I was born in.