UK terrorists attempt to destroy America

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. From the Daily Mail.

    A British so-called tourist used twitter to inform his confederates of his plan to "destroy America" and, worse, to exhume the body of Marilyn Monroe.
    He and his female co-conspirator were apprehended at Los Angeles International Airport by US federal agents, booked, and deported before they could carry out their nefarious plan.

    "British pair arrested in U.S. on terror charges over Twitter jokes" by Richard Hartley-Parkinson.

    Read more: British tourists arrested in America on terror charges over Twitter jokes | Mail Online

    It says the couple was admonished that before they may return to the United States they must apply for a visa at the American embassy in London. I sort of got the impression that that might not happen any time soon.
  2. This is outrageous. I'm off for a wank over some Marilyn Monroe pictures!
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  3. Awesome. But what's the US more annoyed about - destroying the place, or exhuming MM?
  4. As this is the NAAFI, I'll shag his 'pal'.

    Esp. if it involves some prison-sex 'roleplay'.
  5. Fuckin' hysterical Septics again! The only country in the western world ever to suspect a couple of hundred of its own citizens had Communist sympathies. They were then all crammed onto a ship and offloaded in Russia. You couldn't fuckin' make it up, honestly.

  6. Why settle for pictures, how about wanking over the festering corpse Marilyn Monroe?
  7. Bless, a whole race totally devoid of a sense of humour or proportion.
  8. The Yanks are not a "race". Forest Gump does seem to be a role model though.
  9. She'd suck a golf ball through a garden hose the dirty, dead bitch.

  10. You'd have to put a hoover tube up her arse to get that effect.
  11. Presumably, not the really recent ones?
  12. Just to put an image in your mind for your wank: ELTON JOHN - CANDLE IN THE WIND.

    As Harry Potter said - Erectus Disappearus!
  13. Cunt deserves to be arrested just for having that gash haircut. Hermer.
  14. He looks like a shirtlifter. I'd smash her though, till the neighbours complained about the stench.
  15. I know, lets go to America and ......