UK Terror Threat Raised to Severe

Saw this on the Beeb News site today:

BBC News - UK terrorism security threat level raised at airports

How exactly do they decide when this is necessary? The article points out that there's no intelligence to indicate that it's going to happen, they've just felt that the threat is now higher. Is it just some bloke at MI5 who says: "You know, we've not had a terrorist attack in a while, better get ready for one" or is there actually some variable that you can measure, such as political/social/economic factors, that will determine this?

So curious...
MP's expenses are back in the news. Just saying is all, it's bound to be coincidence.
Personally I'm wetting myself. Not actually in the UK KZ but one can't be too careful.
Ooooh you make an incredibly good point with that, Carrots.

I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, come to think of it...keep the public mildly distracted.
No room sorry. We only accept resource draining Africans these days.
Ticket cancelled, security threat now reduced from "make a brew" to "ruffle newspaper".

SK Woof!

I wonder how they analyse the supposed threat of terror? Terrorism is a very serious issue and there are very dangerous terrorist organisations out there but how threatening is it? 9/11 was horriffic, but a one off which prompted a series of counter productive measures which in turn created more terrorism. Cliched arguement but before the invasion of Iraq there was no al-Quada. After the invasion there was this terrorist nut called al-Zaqari (check spelling) who increased the presence of terrorism in that country and world wide. Security forces should do their jobs to protect the citizens of this countyry but stop the scaremongering.

But maybe terrorism was worse back in the day with

Carlos the Jackal

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