UK terror threat level downgraded

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Aug 14, 2006.

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    According to Radio 4 this decision was taken at 02:00, and caught the airlines "on the hop" - still great confusion, etc. I wonder if the heads of airlines actually get a communication from the Home Office or if they have to just watch News 24?

    General advice seemed to be to travel light, - gone are the days of taking your laptop / overnight bag and assorted duty frees on board, under the heading of Hand Baggage - the pricks who do this always seem to be sat next to me (whinge over)!

    From a slightly different angle though - this "downgrading" was announced all of about six hours after calls by Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary, and others called for the deployment of British Troops to UK airports. Given that BAA Duty Free sales have effectively ceased as a result of the operational changes, and that several airlines and national newspapers have also called for the same, is the government responding to commercial pressures?

    As an afterthought - would we be able to deploy enough troops in this country to assist in this threat, if the classification was still critical?
  2. Isn't the British government pathetic!!

    The alert should still be critical and the only reason it has been changed is due to the airlines having a whinge at lost revenue - well tough sh1t I say. We are at war with fanatical terrorists who would, if they could, wipe us all out. Would Mr Ryanair be happy if it was one of his jets blown out of the sky over the Irish Sea? You can bet your ARRSE he'd want the security state to remain critical then!! Maybe Ryanair are another lot who make donations to the Labour Party and 'Uncle Tone' has ordered the climbdown!
  3. Got proof of that! I think you are wrong on that one.

  4. I did state "Maybe" because this government has an undeniable record of cowering to political pressure and such a thing would not surprise me in the slightest!! Get you for jumping to the defence of this government - I didn't think this was the done thing here on ARRSE!
  5. I certainly was not jumping to the defence of bLIAR. I was asking you to prove your " Maybe" theory on Ryanair!
  6. I agree with Mike O'Leary (Ryanair) and BA on this one. Airlines have been told to reduce their flight numbers because the clowns at BAA 3-4 days into an enhanced search regime haven't managed to organise themselves any extra searchers, nor it seems are the government prepared to help by putting troops / police into assist with body searches.

    (Yes, I know we don't want troops doing this sort of thing, but its a reasonable task for the CCRF, and LHR and the other major airports are part of our national transport infrastructure.)
  7. I was in sunnier climes when troops were deployed to Heathrow in 2003, was this under state "Critical" or more for the cameras to know what British soldiers looked like?
  8. Custy:

    For your information, Ryanair donated 5,451 Euros to the Progressive Democrat Party in the Irish Republic.

    So your " Maybe" theory has died!.
  9. Ryanair is an Irish company and Mike O'Leary is Irish. HM the Queen is no longer the Sovereign of the Irish Republic.

    Are we falling into the old colonialist trap of regarding our Irish cousins as somehow not really foreigners?

    I though donations by foreign companies / individuals was now against the law / regulations on party donations. I stand to be corrected.
  10. I and you know that, But I think others do not keep up with events!
  11. I think CCRF should be used for this and it would be a good statement of intent by this government to show that we genuinely mean business!! The troops came to Heathrow, you are right, but then they went again didn't they which was a mistake. As much as I don't want Britain to grind to a halt, in aviation terms anyway, security comes first surely? Now don't think for a second that I have any allegiance to the US/George Bush/Special relationship etc because I have had a gut full of it, however I can envisage a day when a trans atlantic flight is flown into another US city, that the flight originated in the UK and due to the fact we weren't at critical alert the perpetrators were not spotted!

    Can you imagine Blair explaining that one? The 'special relationship' won't be so special then will it?!
  12. :D

  13. So Ryanair made a minor donation to an Irish political party - well pardon me for not knowing about this Mad Moriarty but I'm totally surprised it made any news at all. Are you an employee of Ryanair or an Irish politician? A question not an accusation!! I think you're a bit arrogant to suggest that because some of us dare to have theorys/opinions on issues like this(it's called democracy) we somehow should be aware of stupid things like this - I spend more than this p1ssy amount on holiday so don't accuse the rest of us of not keeping up to date with events!!
  14. Custy:

    What part of my comment has not sunk into your head yet!!!!.

    Ryanair made a donation to a political party in the IRISH REPUBLIC. Now that does not come under the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland!!.

    For the second time around, Ryanair has NEVER made a donation to a British Political party such as Labour....
  15. Slightly off the point, but it's still pertinent; just to play Devil's Advocate with this, it occurred to me (though don't necessarily believe this) that this heightened security state could well be used as an excuse/reason (delete as applicable) for Neue Arbeite to have another go at 90 day detention without trial within the Anti-terrorist legislation framework.

    Are Bliar et al going to use this as an excuse for more draconian civil liberty limitations? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for tough powers as long as they're focussed where they're supposed to be and don't pander to the PC lobby or mean yet more surveillance on the innocent majority.