UK telephone exchange number for the missus to theatre

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sortedgeezer, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Any one got a number the the missus to call from UK to theatre either red or black?
  2. I don't think it quite works like that. I'm pretty sure the circuits will be put to better use other than WAG's calling up for a cry.

  3. Young man report to the Ops Officer for an OPSEC brief.
  4. OPSEC, eh.........its no different to using the welfare number from those tour phones just the opposite connection.
  5. 08457 90 90 90
  6. lol, i've heard that one before, didnt i didh that out to you in the past
  7. I've no idea what that last sentence says my friend! :? :D
  8. trying to touch type as i have nothing better to do. Disregard my last old chap.
  9. It's vastly different, and if you can't appreciate why then you're either clueless or a mong.
  10. i'd go for the ignorant option. Feel free to PM me to explain your reasoning.
  11. Have you tried a return call to a welfare call? You will get a message that is something along the lines of 'You were called by one of our phone card / welfare account holders...' Not all phone networks are PSTN.
  12. try this number, they might be able to help you somewhere down the line or to another number 0207 8377324

    Hope this helps any
  13. When I was in Bastion a few years back our Det had a phone at the back which our wives knew the ext number so phoned the Corsham Operator which is a national rate number and asked to be patched through via the military system.

    The only real issue was that when Op Minimize was on it was still able to be used.

    As for Opsec, it would be the same case as using the Paradigm phones - don't talk shop
  14. Why not both get a local mobile with skype and stop ******* about over the circuits.
  15. I think the jingly market that came onto camp were actually trying to sell Afghan sim cards!