UK tactical, anyone have any experience?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by petergriffen, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know a good online shop to get Arc'teryx clothing, there are no place's in Ireland and the one UK place I found in a magazine (,) has a page for them but nothing on it :x

    PS I mean the "tactical" stuff, the sell some civie stuff on Amazon.

  2. Don't waste your money their clothing is overpriced. I wear it for uniform and have some of it for home its good but expensive for what you get. There is other stuff that is better value.
  3. I know I know :oops: but there is a particular jacket I am looking for....
  4. Ellis Bingham carry a wide range of their gear iirc, but i guess thats mainly civi gear.
  5. I got some of their kneepads which are the dog's.

    Best way I reckon is to register on their site for which you need a military email address - I used my Armynet one. You get a discount which I think is 20%. Delivered pretty quickly.
  6. We have tried to stock the tactical Arc'teryx kit, but... have been told by the UK distributor that its for SF only!
    Have to say on a personal note, money is better spent elewhere. Arc'teryx is a good brand; but as not that good that it should be for SF only!
  7. I registered with Leaf and didn't have any problems but it is still very expensive. Have some of the civvie kit which is a much nicer pose than "chav" Face.
    Could try ebay Canada or just cough up. It is great stuff especially the military/ LE gear. You could just go for good old Arktis or Karrimor SF if it is for military/ LE use.
  8. `Fair enough I'll take the advice. Does anyone know of any online shops that have similar type stuff to arc'teryx...price not too much of an issue.
  9. RV Ops?
  10. 5.11 or Blackhawk, both solid brands.
  11. Have ordered quite a few things of uk tactial and there very reliable and stock some good kit
  12. UK Tactical have always squared me away when I have wanted something in a hurry, and it has always been top quality kit.
  13. With UKTac it's better to ring your order through if its something you need sharpish, the website isn't always accurate with regards to stock levels. They are quick to despatch but their courier employs the odd tw@ in the "Sorry we missed you at 1540" card dropping through the post slot on your door as you walk past it sense.