Uk Sovereignty intact despite French defence pact

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. UK - Sovereignty intact despite French defence pact - Yahoo! News UK

    More bad news I'm afraid. It seems that we are now tied in with the French ....yet again! Anyone remember 1914? Or even 1940? Why Oh Why do we have this obsession with Europe.....especially the losers. Come to that why don't we just buy a modern version of the Panhard EBR75. Only the French could have come up with an armoured vehicle that had a crew of 4......two of which were drivers. One at the front for advance and another at the rear for retreat!
  2. Yeah, lets stop using all those Phroggie missiles we have for starters, and the RAF should never have bought them Jaguars back in the 70's.
  3. To (mis) quote Hillaire Belloc:

  4. A fairly equal partnership with France is better then being a US lackey
  5. [Pedant] Spahpanzer Luchs? [\Pedant]
  6. The only fairly equal partnership in the view of the French was the one Marshal Petain signed in 1940 to save Paris.
  7. "There is a tendency for defence companies to say we find it difficult to access the French defence market, we find hidden obstacles. Well we will want to explore those," Fox said.

    In recent years, France has bought several hundred Land Rovers, almost a hundred JCB diggers, Maxikites sights and has selected GQ to replace its Aerazur parachutes...the GIGN and FRA Navy SF have bought AI sniper rifles.... can someone enlighten me on what the Brit armed forces purchased in France in the same period ?
  8. ASTER 15 & 30 missiles - worth a tad more in value than a few hundred Landies
  9. According to wiki

    MBDA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    these are the shareholders of MBDA : As of March 2009

    -UK BAE Systems (37.5%)
    -FRA EADS (37.5%)
    -ITA Finmeccanica (25%)

    Not exactly a French Company to me.....
  10. I wouldn't exactly call Land Rover a British company anymore, either.

    Sold to BMW in 1994, now owned by TATA motors.
  11. Triple pedant

    PzKpfw Steyr ADGZ Armored Car

    Developed as a heavy armored car for the Austrian army from 1934 and delivered from 1935-37. A production series was considered. When Germany occupied Austria during "Anschluss" in 1938, they obtained 27 of these units from the Austrian army (12 ADGZ road-tanks were part of the Austrian army as of March 1938, all in the Fast Division, while 14 were part of the police and gernarmerie which makes 26 - where the extra one came from described before is simply a dispute between my sources). The PzKpfw Steyr ADGZ Armored Cars were assigned to Police detachments and SS units.

    In 1941, the SS ordered an additional 25 ADGZ. Delivered in 1942, they entered service in Russia and the Balkans.

    An interesting feature of this vehicle was that there was no "rear". Either end was capable of driving the unit.

  12. Isn't the dreadful, useless, dangerous Reynolds Boughton actually Renault?

    However, I digress. I'm for closer integration with the French over defence capability.
  13. No it wasn't. The RB 44 was a dodgy mix of Ford and Dodge.
  14. Anything by Thales (of which there is lots - although it tends to be expensive shit in things rather than the cheap and dowdy exterior) - more French than runny cheese. Certainly more French than BAE are British ...