UK soldiers swear false allegiance

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by WallEyed Mr Whippy, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. When you 'take the Queen's shilling' you swear an oath etc to QEII.

    Except she's not the II, she's the First. She is QE First of Great Britain, and the First of Scotland. She is the Second of England but that is not Britain, only one part of it.

    Shame on the Scots who joined up to QEII and didn't know that this was a false declaration they made. Shame on the Welsh and N. Irish too.

    When England came under the Scottish Crown in 1603 the King was James VI, and also the First of Britain. So let's keeep it right - now it's QE I.

    Change those cap badges, dummies!
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  2. Throw yourself in a combine.
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  3. Brilliant, analytical, informed response from a self confessed turd. Good man!
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  4. If you're going to cut and paste something absolutely stupid, at least get your facts right. Why should the Welsh be shamed? The Union Act came into force before Elizabeth I reign so she was also Elizabeth I of Wales and the current Elizabeth II is correct.
    Oh, and you're a sock puppet.
  5. She styles herself EIIR, Elizabeth the second. She is the Queen and can call herself whatever she wants
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  6. Are you really, actually that retarded?
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  7. Please kill yourself
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  8. Have you ever read the oath?

    I doubt very much if you have ever taken it but have you at least read the wording?
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  9. Please kill yourself
  10. Do people taking the oath not know who it refers to?

    It is not, legally, a false declaration.

    How dare you say shame on Scots, Welsh and N Irish serving in HM Forces.

    You pedantic turd.
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  11. Not one of you lot are able to show how I'm wrong. All you do is splutter in rage because I'm right. Suck it up.

    QEI it is today. Fact.
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  12. Is your avatar flag upside down, Cabin?
  13. 7dp5.jpg
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  14. You sound a bit camp, sailor. Freddy Mercury said he was Queen too. But you'd like him!

    Answer the comment I made or shut up.
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  15. You utter cock.
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