UK soldiers shoot dead suspected suicide bomber in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. Breaking on BBC News now.

    How long until the CPS try to shaft the blokes? :evil:
  3. According to the BBC:-

    You'd have thought that as they've lost a few good men due to suicide bombers that they'd give this soldier the benifit of the doubt huh?
  4. Good shooting, will be watching those prawns in MOD, its time to support them on the ground, its not their arses on the line, only on the chair :evil:
  5. To put this into a context that the Newspapers won't mention, this was the same company on the same day that the EOD lads got hit by the SVBIED.

    Good on em said all of us...

  6. And very expensive chairs at that. :twisted:
  7. I'd rather they shoot a 'suspected' suicide bomber and get it wrong,
    than hold of with if and but and get it wrong.

    what was the old joke,
    'shoot first, ask questions later.'

  8. Not long m8 - BBC have just announce monkeys already on the case - wait out (learnt nothing from the recent BOI then ....)
  9. Of Course MOD / CPS could be otherwise engaged reviewing NBC footage of the marines as to whether Bliar wants to bring a case of war crimes against the Americans .......
  10. Let's hope it's just for the sake of justice being seen to be done. Not welcome, but not surprising after last week's slotting of the insurgent in the mosque in Fallujah and the flak that followed.
  11. Fair Play and good shooting . Rather it's that way than watching another box come off the back
    of a herc.
  12. The Iraqi driver should get the Darwin Award. How smart do you have to be to stay in line and wait your turn ? Leaving the line and driving toward the checkpoint will be viewed as a threat and dealt with. Similar incidents have happened at US check points. As a soldier if you want to come home alive from Iraq sometimes you have to shoot and ask questions later.
  13. Arabs....queuing......waiting one's turn. Nope. That don't compute. Alien concepts to the good citizens of the raghead states. Serves this driver right. If he couldn't take a joke, he shouldn't have been on an Iraqi road in the first place.
  14. I cant see how they can do them for this??? If the bloke was driving toards them past the que, and at speed, then surely they are justified in assuming he is hostile and a legitimate target? they should have put a law in to the car, less evidence then for the back stabbing scum to use
  15. After it stopped they fired a few 30mm into it to see if it would explode and then rammed it with a Warrior, when they came back for it, it had gone 8O