UK soldiers rehabbing in the US

On another thread there was a link to The Sun. Unrelated to the thread was a link to this story:
MoD allows UK troops who’ve lost limbs to travel to the USA for rehab | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys

I have followed comments on ARRSE on the limitations on proper rehab for severely injured soldiers in the UK. It appears the MoD is sending soldiers here for care in a private hospital. It was nice too see but I do wonder why we are not sharing our military and Veteran's Administration facilities with you. I understand from a currently serving friend and his wife that the physical therapy/occupational therapy facilities are excellent in both military and VA hospitals. I don't think there are many in the US who would begrudge assistance to wounded "cousins". They could get good care tailored to the needs of soldiers. It might save the MoD a few quid also.

It would be ideal to have better facilities in the UK but if you don't yet, look to your friends for help.

Note: why did I comment about my friend's wife's thoughts? She is a middle aged woman who recently broke her arm very badly. She did a lot of PT in a military hospital afterwards and can't say enough good things about the care she got and the care she saw soldiers getting.
If you haven't noticed, since you posted, you received "crickets" from the Brits. I'll offer you a simple point and explanation, which will draw fire, nasty comments, etc. The UK NHS is crumbling, falling apart. It cannot keep up with amount of war wounded, normal sick/injured, et al. Therefore, the US is taking up the slack, your socialist medicine cannot handle and/or afford. I'll put it simply. What other reason could there be?

I'm waiting for the socialists within this community to slam me and, go right ahead. Give me a better alternative, then what I have put forth? Simple fact, socialized medicine is killing the UK. Look at all the problems it has; they come out daily.

Our system, which is not perfect, is still better then what you have. But, the great socialists of the UK will argue with me. And don't forget, hospitals in the UK don't have credit card machines, to charge non NHS members. I was called a liar by a member on this board (more then once), because hosptials don't have credit card machines. Which, another member showed they did.


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I always thought The Lost Commandments that Moses brought down the Hill, but dropped halfway down, were some of the better ones

" Don't Believe Everything You Read In The Newspapers"

was a pretty good one ( comes after ' Don't get Caught.' ).

For info Cousins who may be a lil' hazy on the detail:

1. The Soaraway Sun's puff piece actually related to a decision for a few guys , who in the opinion of their Consultant , would benefit from it, to attend a private immersion therapy course (not VA or US Army run) over they-ah in Missoura. We recently hosted said company here in UK for a two day presentation on what they offer, attended by upwards of twenty of our amputee patients and their physioterrorists , orthotics specialists and clinicians. I was sat in the corner, ears flapping.

2. The Sun is our equivalent of The National Enquirer...high volume, low production values...typical headlines:
> Cat-flinger off work
> Sex lasts for 49 days
> 6 foot 9 inches at just 14
> £4million cocaine haul

etc etc Under the previous administration, because of its unwavering support for New Labour (up until about 30 days before the General Election which ousted them that is) The Sun demanded, and was often given, extensive access to the military.

This, despite a long record of stories knocking the Armed Forces....every time some silly sod goes to jail for going off the rails in Civvy Strasse it is always ' former squaddie and fitness fanatic Jones,aged 44...blah blah blah'

You want to know where The Sun features in the hearts of Service people here -ask a Scouser :)

3. I've seen 'the crumbling Socialist NHS' at work first-hand.....and I've been priveleged to meet several hundred young men and women who wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for the care and skill they have had from NHS, there's a bit more to that particular story than you may be aware .

oh....and incidentally, wasn't it the US Army Surgeon General who was forced to resign a couple of years ago because of the , frankly, sh1t state of the US Army's care pathway in Walter Reed Hospital ?

( Or was that just another Sanatogen-induced hallucination on my part?.....damn this medication....)

' Oh good Lord, the gift ye'd gie us...tae see oorsels as others see us'

Semper fi feller !

Don Cabra
To cut through all the verbiage. ARE there wounded Brit soldiers undergoing rehab in the USA? If so - where?
There are a number of us ex-pat former members of the British Army over here who would visit them.


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PM'd you.

Don Cabra

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