UK soldiers kill rare white rhino

British troops training in northern Kenya have shot dead a rare white rhinoceros after it charged at them.
The four soldiers were confronted by the adult male after they got lost at night on an exercise in the bush.

White rhinos are critically endangered, wildlife experts say, with less than 200 in Kenya.

The shooting happened on Friday evening in Laikipia, north of the capital Nairobi. The area is popular for wildlife viewing.

Many white rhinoceros are killed by poachers who want their horns for use in traditional Chinese medicine or as ornaments

Laikipia conservancy senior game warden Dickson Too said the soldiers had been "forced to shoot at it".

"We don't consider it a deliberate act of killing, they were just acting in self-defence," he said.

Mr Too added the rhino had been found the following day and the Kenya Wildlife Service had removed its horn.

Kenya Wildlife Service spokeswoman Connie Maina said British troops had a base near Laikipia and regularly underwent training in the area.

I myself was forced to kill a sheep in self defence, though I don't like to talk about it.

DrStealth said:
i'm interested to know how much 5.56mm was needed to drop this rhino.
And they used to say 7.62 was the original 'Rhinostopper'!

Egads, Cant wait for our next APWT with the Range Officer waxing lyrical about the rhinostopping qualities of 5.56....

I can see it now :roll:

'C'mon lads, The A2 is an excellent weapon, the 5.56 has been proven to stop a charging Rhino at 30 paces.. stop bleating that you want a GPMG and get on with it...'

And I really should read the links properly..

They are the biggest of the rhino family, weighing as much as 6,000 pounds
I totally misread that to read

'They are the biggest of the rhino family, taking as much as 6,000 rounds ...'

That wouldve been some contact!

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