UK Soldiers have Murder Charges Dropped

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bomb_Doctor, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. The 7 UK Soldiers who were facing a murder trial for the death of an Iraqi citizen have had their cases dropped through lack of evidence.

    No story link at present....

    (am I getting the scoops today - or what?)

  2. You're on fire Doc.

    Well if it's confirmed, it's good news. Have the Sun reported it then?
  3. Fantastic. I eagerly await 'Drug fueled Para murder case collapses after witness intimidation scandle' in tomorrows Scum.
  4. That'll be in The Sun tomorrow. Page 27 about 3 coloum inches. :wink:
  5. Chuffed to bits, I hope the guys are so traumatised by this event they sue the MOD for compensation and spend the money on prostitutes. Another show trial bites the dust!
  6. a top bunch, now a couple personaly, one no longer in due to this "farce". as Herrenbloke says, check your grid, re adjust and fire into the liberal pacifist w@@@@@s who tried to screw them for another step up the ladder. Airborne Justice
  7. Excellent news, hope they all pile around to piers morgans house and kick f+ck out of him.
  8. Excellant news indeed!!
    Whats the bet that at least one headline from the tabloids will contain the phrase'shock and horror at collapse of case'
  9. I wonder how many Millions it cost to get it this far? Money that could have been spent on Cluster bombs...
  10. sun editor banged up paras free and an arrsse piss up tonite can this day get any better :lol:
  11. BBC website says trial cost £10 Million with $1000 dollars a day being paid to witnesses. Now why didn't I think of being a witness. I wasn't there at the time but that didn't seem to stop any of the Iraqi witnesses!! To quote Blackadder "I love a fair trial!"
  12. Quoted as costing us, the taxpayers, £10 million :evil:

    still some fat-cat lawyer will be on the pissh tonight down Chelsea

    So why did it get this far? BBC quoted some one as saying questions have to be asked and answered......damn right, but who will take the flak????
  13. Damn HB, your quick on the mark......far quicker than this old man :roll: