UK soldier missing in Afghanistan

sky reporting this, after a firefight...very little detail as yet. I hope to **** this isnt true and its some kind of error, sadly, it probably isnt. Very very grim.
Being reported on BBC Radio 5 Live
Afghanistan hunt for missing 'UK soldier'

A soldier - believed to be British - has gone missing in Afghanistan, Nato has said.

A search involving aircraft and ground troops has been launched in the south of the country after he went missing from his base in central Helmand.

Military sources told the BBC he had left the base on Monday morning alone and not part of a planned patrol.

The soldier's next of kin have been informed. The Taliban has told the BBC it has killed a soldier in the area.
BBC News - Afghanistan hunt for missing 'UK soldier'
Lets hope it turns out as well as it can do. If he has fallen into the hands of Terry, to then be paraded on TV must be terrible for the relatives and friends of an individual.


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There are two other threads on this.
Simple answer: because we are not fighting total war against Afghanistan, we are fighting an insurgency within the country. Should we have carpet bombed Belfast because of the PIRA?

Seeing as this situation is ongoing and we don't have the full facts let's hold off on the beheading comments eh?

Particularly seeing as its one of our own we are talking about here.


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I've stayed out of this one because I know **** all and my time in Afghan was yonks go. So it dont count for shit in 2011. But I know this. Some kid is missing. He has parents, friends, family. Maybe in their desparation for info, they check ARRSE. I kinda wonder if some of the posters above would have said that shite to his Mum?

If we could button it on horrors and internet retaliation (fucks sakes) I should be obliged.

Since you asked? Be safe. Be lucky. Be on a plane.


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I see dave has said - you can use my helicopter to look for him seeing as I shafted you big time and am stalling for the rest of the kit I promised until I can pull enough of you out to say 'look its not needed'.


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Posts off thread on a sensitive topic - remember where the journalists come to fish chaps.
i hope to the greater being, this isnt true, if it is, fuel air explosives, and thermobaric weapons should be dusted down and a smidge of biological agent added, then let terry have the lot. BASTARDS.........
Posts pruned. Apologies to those of you who were being sensible.
Nice one, but why was my first post deleted?

I thought It was a sensible comment?


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Wonder if any of his ANA colleagues have gone missing too? In a decidely non -friendly way? Seems a bit odd to 'wander off' for a swim without notifying anyone. I'm sure there will be all sorts of versions flying around though for the next few hours until some kind of official word is released.


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Posts pruned. Apologies to those of you who were being sensible.
Good drills, Boss.

Sky reporting that the soldier has been found but what condition he's in has not yet been released.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Actually it's been 'claimed' they kidnapped my 8 year old has 'claimed' to have tidied her room....
sky news is claiming he's been found but no status on what condition

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