UK sold plutonium to Israel in 60s

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Hardly a shocking revelation.
  2. Glad we did.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    would the amount sold equal the amount that went missing from windscale at about that time?

    So the UK violated IAEA rules, violated NPT. So why now Iran should be punished?

    Btw, has Russia right to sell Plutonium to Iran? They would pay good money.
  5. Whoopy do. If we hadn't there wouldn't be an Israel now. It would be Palestine & the Holocaust would have been completed on Hitlers behalf.
  6. No the Palestinians WANT peace...Dont you Trust ANYTHING the BBC says?... :roll:

    Glad we did. Rather sell nukes to Israel than Nerve Gas to Saddams-iraq like a certain administration did a while ago
  7. And I am the new Pope :lol:
  8. Er - before we go any further, could I point out that it is rather difficult to violate a treaty before that treaty is signed? NPT came into being in 1968, and all of the events Newsnight covered took place before that date.

    The UK therefore didn't violate the NPT. Iran, on the other hand...

    As for misleading the IAEA, I'd suggest that the BBC is in fact being slightly misleading here. The original story concerned the sale of heavy water (via Norway) in 1958. This later story concerns events in 1966. Kim Howells was responding to the original Newsnight story about the heavy water. His information almost certainly came from the 1958 file. The events of 1966 would be in another file (or files) , and it is very likely that this file was not consulted, since it didn't deal with the matter Howells was called to comment upon.

    While it could (legimitately) be said that the government should have revisited the whole issue of supplying nuclear-related material to Israel, there's no need to suppose that they thought it necessary to review anything other than the details of what had happened with the sale of heavy water.

    It should be pointed out that it would be extremely easy for the government to remove any embarassing papers from the files by the expedient of removing the files. Had they wished to cover things up, someone from the FCO would have recalled the files from the PRO, ostensibly to study them further, and then to hang on to them.

    I know from experience that some very short files on some less-than interesting material can be recalled into Whitehall and stay there for months or even years - all perfectly legitimately and without any intention of a cover up (at least, I doubt that files on the administrative arrangmenets for the RAF in March-August 1918 have any shocking revelations that will undermine the government...)

    By the by, I'd also be more inclined to believe that something truly shocking was going on if Michael Crick wasn't the reporter involved.
  9. Fcuk off Sergei. Yet another cheap attemt to smear the West and make the Soviet Bloc look clever.
    Grow up and move with the times!
  10. Sergei, Sergei, Sergei Harold Wilson sold Uncle Joe Rolls Royce Nene Jet engines when they where the worlds most powerful areo engine.
    But I suppose he didn't know Uncle Joe would place them in MIG 15, or did he ?
    Mind you whoever authorised selling plutonium does have much to answer for.
  11. Of course, you are right. Thank you for correction. Indeed the UK hadn't violated NPT. However, Plutonium is not a heavy water. Plutonium is used to make nuclear bombs. So the UK sold it to Israel secretly being aware of its possible usage.

    NPT was not elaborated in one day. It was a process.

    Can one describe a position of a country moral if it negotiates a treaty and in the same time secretly makes actions that contradicts it?

    at least formally doesn't violate it too. If you prefer a formal approach then it should be applied to any country.

    There is another side of this story

    Does it mean that there are two governments in the UK? One is on the surface and another one - secret but real and powerful?
  12. Yes - its called the Civil Service. See any episode of Yes Minister/Prime Minister for more details.
  13. Dear Perevodchik!

    Absolutely disagree. Plutonium is not cheap at all. It is very expensive. Even Bill Gates can't buy even few milligr. of Plutonium.

    Johnie, Johnie, Johnie!

    I recall the better example. Toshiba sold unique machine to Soviet Union. So, screws of Soviet submarines became very silent. There was a big fuss about it. I remember how Toshiba's TV-sets were demonstratively crushed in USA.

    On serious note, now it is absolutely clear that the UK helped Israel to create nuclear weapons. So Iranians could speak about double standards. Though, who cares?

    Such a pity that this show is unavailable on Russian TV channels. Though I understand reasons. Live reports from meetings of Russian government are no doubt more humorous.
  14. And I always thought that Israel hijacked a French boat carrying the stuff in the '60s!!! One lives and learns I suppose!!! If Britain, did sell plutonium to Israel in the '60s, many thanks!!! At least they have never said that they would wipe any nation off the face of the earth with it!!!