UK Socialists-Glenton Gets "Fantastic" Response Fm Military

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. An example of how Glenton is being used for propaganda purposes:

    Companion article:

  3. He speaks for no-one I know :x
  4. Just one word for this individual - CNUT. He should be under close arrest! Cowardly spineless bastard,
  5. Ah this is the bloke who went awol , moved to Australia then when he couldn't get his visa renewed claimed he went awol to avoid getting sent to Afghanistan

    Point being no one should believe a word he says . He's such a natural born liar I'm shocked he's not been made a government minister
  6. You fellows have no compassion for the downtrodden-not to mention that the sticking plaster on his neck suggests he got a nasty "boo boo" and may need medical attention.
  7. The gungy fecker didn't cut himself shaving, that's for sure.
  8. But don't all the girls like that 5 o'clock shadow?
  9. Not heard about the Aussie bit care to enlighten me and all the others who missed this bit about this waste of space.


    Ten seconds on Google, and I found that on The Right Wing Guardian.
    It's not difficult. Your'e either lazy or being difficult.
  11. socalist worker is read by ten students and reg from Mi5 he's part time now
    but it gets him out of the house and it would be frankly embarssing if any of the many many leftist groups actualy caused problems :roll: and nobody knew
  12. I'm sure most questions can be asked and answered using Google, but sometimes, people might ask a question just to get a bit of dialogue going.

    Chill the feck out :D
  13. Joined in 2004 and went missing in 2007? So knock off basic training and that makes him a seasoned "vet" with about 2 years service, during which time he served with the RLC in Afghanistan!!!! Feck me.... i've seen more action in the NAAFI. How dare he be referred to as a soldier.... he brings shame to the uniform and insult to all the real soldiers serving on Ops around the world.

    So he has issues! Fine.... he should man up, shut up, take his punishment and feck off out! He can object all he wants to then. What a grade A tosser!

  14. You are right being a lazy twat sat in a hotel bar in Warrington at the moment.
  15. Have a pint for me then, barstard. :D :D