UK Snap Election?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bumper, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but there is every possibility that if Mr Brown sees his best, maybe only opportunity to win an election, coming up soon then he might throw his previous caution to the side and go for it.

    IF, he can be perceived to have saved the country from the current crisis, (much of which he designed), and IF the Scottish by election is better than disaster then stand-by.

    Look at the signs,

    Mandleson's return
    The news being leaked that he's going blind, (the granny sympathy vote)
    Dropping SAT's testing.
    Tough talk on crime, prisons, immigrants etc
    The economy will only deteriorate more next year.
    Talk of Iraq withdrawal, softening on negotiations with "moderate" Taliban
    Battering the BBC, (very un NL)

    Meanwhile, the schoolboy spindoctors from the Tories are in detention on the naughty chair for being very stupid with spooky Russians.

  2. If they fail to hold Glenrothes I suspect that any chance of a snap election will evaporate very quickly. On the other hand a decent showing could just encourage him to have a go.
  3. Not sure I go with it, I agree for a long time Brown has been in the brown stuff, but he is certainly not smelling of roses at the moment either. Unemployment up, Mandy might be back but he is as guilty as sin and not what a sensible person would see as a good recruitment decision!
    Tough talk is just that talk, they have had more than enough time to sort that out yet still they talk! As to the Tories I agree they are pratting about, George has made a bad judgement call and Mandy was there stirring and that smug git Cyclops was grinning like a nutter so bit of a draw in my books as unimpressive performance from supposed top league politicians.
    As to the Lib Dim well what is his name again who is the leader is he off on paternity leave yet or just useless?
    So no election yet, Brown has Balls but not of the sort that would go to the Country.
  4. Fine by me - lets consign these c&nts in New Labour to history, and watch the country kick them out of office grand style. At least we have a chance of starting the real recovery before Brown/Darling mortgages us to the IMF.
  5. The current crisis isn't going to end for another 3-5 years, so I doubt he'll ever be seen as having saved the country from a recession. The most he can claim to have done is temporarily stopped the banking system from crashing, a feat which wasn't too hard as he was gambling with public money doing it and one that can still very easily go wrong.

    The economic problems haven't really started yet for Joe Public, they all talk of the credit crunch because they can't get £5K loans to work on their houses, but repossessions, collapse of the housing market, unemployment and the real effects of what will be a brutal recession haven't yet hit home..
  6. Brown might just go for it on the grounds of his perception by some as forging the plan to save the financial problems of the world. It would be a shame if he did as the real problems have not arrived yet. Whoever takes over willl inherit a posioned chalice from which we shall all be drinking for a long time.
  7. "Whoever takes over willl inherit a posioned chalice from which we shall all be drinking for a long time. "

    Which is why he is doing the spend today pay tomorrow scheme, he knows he wont get back in if an election occurs. He is tying the hands of the next administration. Darling has warned today that tax rises are inevitable, not the sort of message you need to give to the markets as you are starting to look into the abyss.

    Cameron and Osborne have backed him on the banks, and they are now realising it will have to be paid for in the near future. I believe that the purpose of an opposition is to do just that, by backing him they have accepted the mess that he is making and encouraged him even further.
  8. I agree he might say I do finance well and can sort out global money dramas, but at the end of the day the mans a menace and has left his succesor who ever that ends up being a real bag of worms.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm sorry to say that they might need just one more session in power . . . . only to ensure that they are properly kept out for at least the next 50 years.
  10. If that happens then you can kiss Britain goodbye
    The price of another 4 or 5 years of Gordon is just too high
  11. The idea of snap election was mooted in one of the 'qualities' last week. Whilst I don't think that Gordon is brave enough for a snap election, something is definitely in the offing. Not only Mandelson but that mendacious bully Campbell are back in power - has anyone noticed how few stories rubbishing Nu-Liarbour in general and Gordon in particular have appeared in the last few weeks?

    What I do think will happen is that there will be a lot more 'good days to bury bad news' (mountain marathon 'disasters', anyone) where release of bad news will be very tightly controlled and any good news and 'eye catching initiatives' rationed out to selected journos and 'on message' (i.e. controllable) media. Campbell has only been back a couple of weeks and never seems to be off the screen (including, shamefully, the BBC, who should really have learned their lesson by now).

    Watch out also for carefully planned and placed leaks dishing the dirt about senior Conservatives - it worked last time, and they see no reason why it shouldn't work again.

    I think they are in for the long haul with careful control of information and widespread rubbishing of anyone who disagrees with them. We are already being told on a regular basis that Gordon has saved the world and that the crisis has nothing to do with him. As Goebbels said 'tell the people a big enough lie often enough and they will believe you'. Given how docile and gullible the Great British Public are, I'm afraid he is going to be proved right (yet again).
  12. thats a depressing but probably accurate summary. Good word, mendacious by the way. Think I'll use that for the rest of the week.
  13. There's no chance of an election. The government is onto a winner at the moment with Gordo being seen as one of the leaders of the world's thinking on how to get out of this mess. The government can continue sticking-it to what is seen as a bunch of lightweight Tory toffs. If the government can hang on until things improve (as things will - the only way is up) they might just sneak back in - and perhaps with a win bigger than a "sneak".

    A Campbell and P Mandelson, BTW, are a brilliant political operators.
  14. 'A Campbell and P Mandelson, BTW, are a brilliant political operators.'

    I wouldn't put it as politely as that - they are a pair of back stabbing street fighters who have manipulated the easygoing political system in this country to their own advantage. They have benefited from a compliant and lazy media, many of whose journalists are only too pleased to have someone else do their work for them and spoonfeed them carefully prepared copy. They have no place in my country, they belong in a dictatorship, and if there was any courage about in the government and civil service, neither would ever have got a look in.