UK should stop policing the world

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Not that I disagree too hard with the sentiment - we should be doing what we can reasonably achieve with the forces (and equipment) we have and that direct threats against Britain, Crown Colonies et al and British interests are the important things (pretty much in that order too.)

    But, and Howells didn't say it, "Labour's military adventures"? Much as I would like to see the scum all in an enormous tub of slurry swimming for their lives while being chased by mutant sharks (and would probably even pay to be standing on the edge with a bill-hook forcing them back in - smell included), they are the current British govt (for 4 or 5 months more). We do sort of have to do what they say - not being a military dictatorship?
  2. Sharks with FRICKIN' LASER BEAMS!!! :twisted:
  3. Actually - on the pain and suffering side, I was considering filing the sharks teeth blunt. Lasers would be minimal trauma and instant cauterisation (sp?). They deserve worse.

    Edited to correct quote formatting mongness!
  4. If we are truly the world's policeman, then we need a phone line to explain to all callers that their problems are nothing to do with us, just like the civilian police force/service.
  6. On a more serious not - sort out the UK's problems first. I can understand British troops being involved in countries that can have a direct effect on the UK. The rest of the world will have to sort out it's own problems.

    Yes, Haiti, this means you.
  7. The World's Policeman? We're barely the World's PCSO!
  8. How about a step back,

    to the ill tempered Sea Bass? :D
  9. Britain - The World's Traffic Warden.
  10. thats really wrong.
    I kinda of like sharks :twisted:
    Would the tory's have done any diffrent if the chimp had asked for a bezzer to get invovled :?

    was it a tory or labour who said no to getting involved in vietnam about the only time we showed some independece of thought :cry:
  11. How about EFFECTIVE policing of Great Britain first?

    That said, with this failed government pulling the strings, there would be difficulties policing a rice-pudding!

    PS: Harold Wilson kept us out of Vietnam - thankfully.

    Mind you, we were confronting the third largest army in the world and we 'won'. The commanding general's reward from a grateful government:

    another DSO to the two DSOs he already had!

    The communist Secretary of State for Defence was very cross with the general for beating the communists in Indonesia and Malaysia.