UK should recognise the independence of Catalunya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skylog, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Not necessarily completely fictional, if you ignore all the made up stuff of Malory there could be a grain of truths in the stories of old

    The real myths such as they are come from Welsh poetry, and because the battles took place over many different times and places that it if there is a grain of truth in them, Arthur was most likely based on the tales of more than one man
  2. Is this map complete? If so it seems the Spanish have very little in the region.
    Google Maps

    Edit to add the more you zoom in the more appear but even so Catalonia is quite empty
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  3. I don’t think the map is complete.

    The actual map shows 10 military bases with flags but lists 16 locations underneath.

    A quick search indicates 20 Air Force/ Navy bases. I can’t find a number for the Army.

    Notwithstanding the actual numbers/ locations the point I was making was there would be a general retraction/withdrawal of state involvement in an independent Catalonia.
  4. Since the end of Franco I wonder if it has been a deliberate policy not to site significant military facilities within Catalonia?
    I suppose there are those within the separatists who are daydreaming about "their share" of the Spanish Forces.
  5. I know I investigated it for twenty years in my spare time. The likley truth is far more interesting.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Not sure if the Catlovers have thought through the basics? Water? Elec? Gas? Trying to establish new land-line and mobile numbers?
  7. South Sudan?
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  8. I'm not sure about that. I think there are countries that use the US dollar as currency. What you don't have is control of the factors that impact it's value so you could get economically shafted just by accident.
  9. SNAP!
  10. That one slipped what passes for my mind nowadays...
  11. I agree with the first sentence as I am not sure either. But is anyone? The EU could instruct member states not to accept euros from Catalonia as it is not a valid currency.
    Not really likely, but possible.

    There are lots of countries that use the US$. It’s called currency substitution. A lot of countries that have their own currency also use the US$ - in Bermuda US currency is acceptable and is on par with the Bermuda dollar. Lots of former French colonies used the franc and moved to the euro. All the little monarchies in Europe who had their own currency (or not) use the euro, despite not being EU members.

    With respect to your last point that is what I argued when I said continued use of the euro would automatically concede financial sovereignty.

    It’s hard to find any reasoned explanation as to how this might work - more or less the same as we saw with Scottish independence.
  12. Catalonia could choose to use any currency it likes, it could use the euro - but NOT print them.
    It simply would have no control over a central aspect of its economic or financial system.

    Cursory research shows that the Euro (along with the US$) is used as currency in Zimbabwe, Syria and Cuba...
    So as those examples show, a thriving economy can use foreign currency....
    - oh wait a mo.
  13. ¿Quién quiere reiniciar la Guerra de la Sucesión Española?

    As in 1701, France is in the Spanish side, but... now Germany, Italy and Netherland too.

  14. There are several barracks, but only one permanent unit, the Arapiles 62 Mountain Rifles regiment.

    Two battalions, Badajoz I/62 (Gerona)

    and Barcelona II/62 (Barcelona)
  15. So the UK is still a EU member? I didn't know that. If it's leaving instead, what condition would favour the UK over the EU on making the deal, a EU superpower against a tiny UK or a weak EU that is losing other members? Which of those two options give the UK a stronger dealing power?