UK should recognise the independence of Catalunya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skylog, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. The history of humanity has been the progression from a handful of wandering hunter gatherers fresh from the trees banding together for protection from predators, to the lines on the global map today.

    This is a fluid and shifting process that is never static. Its progress can either be through dialogue, or in most cases, since we are a violent species, through conflict.

    We are simply seeing the process in action in Catalonia. It can only be hoped that dialogue remains the principle means of resolving the issue.

    At the present time it would probably be best if those principally effected conduct through dialogue (though the actions of the CG are not reassuring).
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  2. So you reckon a trade deal with 7 million Catalonians is a better option than a trade deal with 500 million Europeans. Genius.
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  3. Won't somebody please, please recognise the plight of TOOTING! woolfie.jpg La lucha continua, my son.
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  4. Missed out on the Irony semester at school did you ?

    Never mind

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  5. Everything about that post is wrong.
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  6. About the only thing that can be gained by recognising Catalonia is a very small stick to poke the EU with, should it continue to be truculent. Even then that's only if it all kicks off and the EU sticks its fingers in its ears.
  7. Er just for accuracy ...
    "there are chippy whiney people, minorities, in some parts of the UK, who fantasise about independence"

    Edited to add: factoid for today: the interweb tells me that in American slang Chippy has a different meaning - a young girl prostitute
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    And South Sudan.
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  9. Yers the Irony is that Arthur is STB a fictional King-it would have been more apt about Richard II
  10. And that's going really well last time I looked!
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Why? It’s an internal matter for the Spanish?
    Did we get all this boo hooing about the Basques?
    By the way. Catalan independence has already been supported by Sinn Fein (both sides of the border)
  12. I agree that Catalonia is a wealthy region.

    However, given that two large banks have already said they will move HQ to Madrid, how much will more capital flight, lack of investment etc maintain that wealth.

    Will they go back to the peseta. They can’t use the euro as an independent Catalonia will not be part of the EU. If there was some interim agreement to continue with the euro then they have already given up monetary independence.

    Watch the Spanish impose massive tariffs on goods passing through Catalonia. The French might follow to discourage their own nationalist movements.

    Watch all the military bases in Catalonia transfer elsewhere. All state benefits, pensions etc stopped as the liability no longer rests with the Spanish state. Any infrastructure projects cancelled. Customs posts on roads and railways. Visa requirement for Catalonians as non-EU citizens.

    It’s very easy to chop your nose off to spite your face.
  13. Good point Skid - as I say, if the UK recognised Catalonia - it's SF and the SNP that Catalonia will fondly and sympathetically remember as "comrades in struggle" - not the UK.

    Quite enough nations hate the UK already - there's nothing to gain from adding another.
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  14. And of course they will inherit their share of Spanish debt.
  15. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    And I like the Catalans, much prefer Barcelona to Madrid. But this will fracture badly and there’s enough grief going around.