UK Should Give Up UNSC P5 Slot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Yes, we're just a glorified US Air Base & EU Outpost

  2. No, we're still a 'Great Power' in our own right

  1. I suppose we could always justify our membership on the grounds that no one else puts the pencils, notepads and water carafes out like we do?
  2. Interested after the cash for cowardice debacle and other notably fine moments in the last few years, how anyone can still see UK PLC as a "great power"
  3. Possibly, but I think that France should be giving up theirs before we give up ours.
  4. France are only in because they are a Nuclear power, which we gave them so they wouldn't feel so worried about their border with Germany after the war.

    Last time I looked we were still trying to do the World Policeman thing.
  5. I wonder if perhaps we should be aspiring to the world community police support officer role?
  6. The cynic in me wants to know why exactly the US has two votes on the UNSC.

    If we developed our own independant Foreign Policy, we would deserve the seat. Until then it's just historical inertia keeps us there, I'm afraid.
  7. Why don't the press the French to give up their seat on the UN Security Council
  8. We can't possibly give up our seat, all the other members are foreign!

    We would, however, have to give up our seat if an elderly or pregnant country needs it...
  9. British acceptable political truth - lose UK seat on UNSC and be replaced by EU. Accept EU rep may not be British.

    French acceptable political truth - Accept EU seat on UNSC. Demand retention of French seat. Refuse to accept that EU rep may not be French.

    US acceptable political truth - Don't care who is on the UNSC. As long as they toe US policy line, Chinese, Guinea Bissau or Indonesia welcome!
  10. 'US Air Base' - maybe, who knows?

    'European Soviet Union outpost' ! Give me an f'ing' break !!!

    Am I so old that it was Germany, Italy, Romania, Austria, Hungary and Vichy France, who came to the rescue and liberation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ?

    My poor old father, all but killed helping to clear the Bosch, 'Eyeties' and Vichy Frogs out of Africa, and then on into Italy and finally France. Luckily, only twice wounded and lived to tell the tale.

    The UN is a busted flush, but under no circumstances should we give up our permanent seat on the Security Council. Why should we? Who takes them? The 'boxheads'? The 'spics'? The 'eyeties'? Colombia? Nicaragua? Perm any one from ten of former Soviet Union states? Dunfermline West ?

    P5 ? Place us below the frogs ? Sorry I forgot, they always give us a hammering and everyone uses French as a lingua franca! Pun intended!!
  11. Balls to giving it up. Why should we? We're still a primary nuclear power, 5th(?) largest economy on the planet, head of the Commonwealth as well as one of the major European Powers.

    The thing they need to do about the UNSC is bin the bloody vetoes. The US has abused the veto system to the point that it is a farce.