UK Shooting Sports - cause for optimism?

OK, OK, gave up shooting after the handgun ban as I wasn't really interested in what was left, well, not what I could afford, but also it seemed they would only ban everything else, just a matter of time, so it would be a waste of money anyway. Seems I was wrong - the government didn't ban anything else after the Whitehaven incident. But not only that there are also signs of an upbeat outlook. In fact, things seemed to have moved in the opposite direction - shooting sports and gun ownership in the UK appear to be getting more popular.

Came across this Guardian article stating that "that more guns have been licensed than ever before": admittedly, it shows increases of 1% here and 2% there, which might be year to year fluctuations. Probably a bit of agenda behind it too - ever so subtly stating that UK gun laws don't go as far as they and their readership would like...

Gun ownership in England and Wales: get the figures in your police force | News |

But there are other signs. I've noticed an increasing number of shooting titles appearing in WH Smith, the UK Shooting Show is promoting "handgun" shooting (2ft barrelled revolvers etc), there seems to be an increasing number of gun companies appearing, eg Anderson Wheeler - Shotgun London | Gun and Rifle Makers UK who have their 500 nitro double rifle in Skyfall, and to top it all, the local air rifle club is now so popular, it has a waiting list...

So, given that a lot here are well up to date on this - is anyone optimistic (or not) about the future of the UK shooting sports and gun ownership?
considering there's meant to be a recession on, Shooting Sports has been growing steadily over the last few years.

theres only 2 things wrong with shooting in the UK,

1 - theres no real overall representative body to promote ALL shooting disicplines.

2 - the national attitude of the British, a bunch of f**king moaners who would rather whinge then get off their butts and do something constructive, like get political or promote the sport.

Honestly, compered to many other nations and the petty rules they have to put up with, ITS NOT REALLY THAT BAD HERE!

The only thing missing in the UK is handguns and semi-auto centrefire, and I still state that eventually they could be had with the right political pressure and application.

the UK vetting system generaly works well by keeping the undesirable and criminal element away from our sport ( IF, it is correctly implimented by the authorities and the shooters stop getting blamed for Gov/Police failure of procedure).

theres a lot of fun being had at ranges all over the country, please, jump back in, the waters fine.

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