UK Sends 3000 extra troops to Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, May 18, 2004.

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  1. Terrific,

    time to dust off those desert combats and invest in a pair of unfeasibly expensive shades!
  2. Get Oakleys, damn good and you look good, no matter how much of a ficking geek you are 8)
  3. Oakleys are worn by Americans and Fat Brits who wannabe taken as serious outdoor types even though all they do is stack blankets.

    They still look like geeks, but attention seeking geeks in Oakleys.

  4. When the drama blew up on that South Sea Island,( The name escapes me) the Sun had a photograph of a Secret Boat Sailor , blew up large illustrating one of it's stories.

    Said Secret Matelot was wearing junglies, Oakleys , Carrying an M4 with all the bits and bobs with the obligatory High Powered sidearm strapped to his thigh.

    I remember this, because my Sister said he would get done, no problem 8O

    The point is, Oakleys look good,but only when you're armed to the teeth and good looking in the first place *. It won't do a thing for REMF mingers :D

    *and Infantry soldiers and Officers from the Cap Badge o' Heroes.
  5. Bistard, you saw me in Iraq last year didn't you? Tw*t, knew it was you. Knew that rumble in the back of the iso would come back to haunt me :twisted:
  6. Harking back to Oman, RayBan Aviators are the eyewear of choice for Col Kilgore wannabe Fd Hosp COs....

    ....and fake Oakleys for the pasty fat lasses of the QARANC. Until you saw them off duty, you wouldn't believe there was that much lycra in the world.
  7. Oh there is that much Lycra in the world, and the critical mass is here in Gosport. Wednesday night in Emmas is dangerous, a black hole may evolve there anytime in the future :twisted:
  8. I suspect that the TA can't be used as the majority of those who are able to be mobilized have been and therefore can't be re-mobilized for another 3 years. :?
  9. What's the betting we see some changes to RFA 96 in the very near future?
  10. Maybe not.

    Just make the 3 year period start 2 1/2 years before you were mobilised, therefore you can be remobilised immeadiatley (a Major at Chilwell told me about this!).
  11. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Chicken Jim

    What makes you think "everyone who can be mobilised has been"?

    I would say it's more like "everyone who is prepared to volunteer (and some who weren't) has been mobilised"

    Now for the rest of us I suppose.

    Chicken punk - I fear you may be right.............

    Polar - interesting I haven't heard that one, but technically speaking I suppose it's true. I shall rush off to look at RFA 96 forthwith!


    (no I don't particularly want to go thank you)
  12. Cause he's not in the same corp/bde as us.
  13. Won't necessarily do them any good. Changes in terms of service such as RFA 96 do not apply to serving soldiers immediately, they continue to serve under the terms in existence when they signed. However, re-enlisting can only be done under the new terms so everyone will be subject to the new terms after a while - I think 4 years is the normal period of time soldiers sign up for. Of course, the question then is how many will elect to re-enlist under the new terms. (Officers are a bit different as far as detail goes but the same principles apply. )

    The only real option for lots of TA in the near term is to get a state of emergency (is that the right phrase ?) declared and then the restrictions on TA mobilisation disappear. Of course that is a very sensitive political act and one wonders whether the present Government has enough support to effectively declare war.