UK: Secret Iraq papers reveal blunders and concealment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tommy, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. From the last article:

    But the men of 16 Air Assault had it comparatively easy. Some Royal Marines from another elite formation, 3 Commando Brigade, also flew....

    It would seem that the Daily Telegraph's definition of 'elite formation' is pretty broad-minded.
  2. I'm sure the relevance of that comment will be taken into account when this government's record is brought to book.
  3. I remember 'Flash' telling me on the Aviation Board that they where each issued only 8 rounds for the 9 mill Browning when going out on ops.
  4. I thought General Mike Jackson said we were ready for war, back in 2003......
  5. In before Sven/Whet/Ashie/Paperpuke turn to for spinning duty…
  6. WMD anyone?
    I hope Bliar has a very good brief.
  7. Very telling comment…

    "… It identifies a long list of “significant” weaknesses and notes: “A more capable enemy would probably have punished these shortcomings severely.…"

    And considering B'Liar and the boy Bush were up for starting a pissing match with the Iranians who ARE a far more capable enemy, it's a bloody good job we did get bogged down and that idea got kicked into touch.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    That just proves how good the intelligence was
    Baghdad dry ski slope opened 08:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri and 08:00 - 20:00 Sat - Sun consessions for forces pensioers and disabled

    Why dosen't some pathetic scrote from the goverment just stand up and say " look we all knew it was bullsh1t but Blair Campbell and Mandleson made us toe the line and shut up about it"

    Hang the fukcer out to dry
  9. I think it shows excellent foresight and preparation - I would be more worried if there wasn't a container full of skis in the desert.
  10. From what I understand unless you were in 16 Air Assualt or 3 Commando Brigade you had bugger all in the way of kit or ammo. I know guys who went over the border with only 12 rounds for their rifle!
  11. :D :D i managed to get ONE body armour plate !!! with very small body armour- it was like a fecking boob tube .
  12. Apropos the container full of skis in the desert...

    No doubt some chinless twat, probably Mandelson, will try and spin this as "we knew it was going to be a long commitment for our forces in Iraq, perhaps even to the stage where climate change affected the area and Iraq became more Alpine in its climate... and we wanted to be prepared for every eventuality... hence the skis..."
  13. I had 2 rounds of 9mm for my pistol while carring out convoy escort duties between Kuwait City International Airport and Camp Eagle.

    Luckily that was before the invasion.

    However, after the war fighting had finished, delivering soft skinned Landrovers to Basrah Airport, between 12 of us, we had no body armour and 10 rounds for one weapon as we drove back to Kuwait.

    Fuck me we were lucky
  14. I love the fact that Mike Jackson insisted we were ready for war. But, rather than have some backbone and say "no, we need some more time to prep" he knowingly sent blokes in with minimal ammunition and body armour. What a joke. He was more interested in his pension and honours than his troops lives. I would say he is as guilty as the politicians for the death of Sgt Steven Roberts. Is corporate manslaughter retrospective?