UK says its showtime for Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 4, 2006.

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    "Showtime". That most English of phrases :roll: While we're on Americanisms , get Ms. Rice's hand out of your butt Jack.
  2. I wonder if he feels the same about the dozens of ordinary Syrians workers murdered by the followers of St Hariri. No doubt these young Harirists were following the personal example of the dear saint's life.

    Even though the Mehlis investigation is in trouble and Abdul-Halim Khaddam has more blood on his hands than Assad junior has - I would still say that Syria is not out of the woods yet. Maybe we will discover that Syria is trying buy technology and chemicals needed to develop rocket programmes and to enrich uranium - oh wait we have ! :twisted:
  3. I do not doubt that the US could take out the Syrian Militarty machine without any great trouble.
    However, I also doubt that the US and her allies have the Bodies on the ground. You know 'The Poor Blood Infantry' to physically occupy the ground when the Syrian hardware has been taken out.
    The thought that Isreal could be employed in sum form of support role is terrifing.
    When will the US learn that Harabs hate them, did they not learn from Iraq that yes get rid of of dictator, but then offski and let us be to run our country AS WE CHOOSE.
  4. ....and Assad II is a damn sight more popular with the young than the US or Israel is giving him credit for.

    It's the old Guard, and the pampered and priveleged under his Dad that have the hump with his reforms.
  5. I think that Assad is a reformer by instinct but his own advisors have let him down.
    The 'Syrian Spring' imho never really got started.
    Though Assad is smart and seems to have unified the country behind him, especially after Lebanon and Western threats - this support is related to Syrian nationalism then any great love of Assad junior.
  6. Assad a reformer ? You must be joking. He was responsible for the hit on Hariri.His regime still supports terror groups. Hardly the conduct of a reformer.
  7. Well you are right in a way on the liberalisation of press and the political sphere- he has retracted earlier 'feforms' or liberalisations - seems to have been taking notes from his next door neighbour the King of Jordan there. But on family and societal issues there have been some reforms to the legal code and up and till all this nonsense over the death of the gangster Hariri - there was some talk about economic liberalisation.

    On the terror groups - just the old Palestinian groups but even they have had much of their freedoms revoked.
  8. It seem's where Israel is concerned the arab terror groups are freedom fighters and yet you think the IRA was a terror group. Terror is if they are killing Brits but freedom fighters if they are killing Israelis.
  9. Where did that come from? 8O
  10. Double edged sword there.

    There was a time when a lot of Americans thought that the IRA were brave freedom fighters too.
  11. Castle I was trying to put into perspective the problem of arab terrorists that Israel has been dealing with for many decades now.

    PTP I agree with you there. As a kid on a US Army installation in Seoul I remember one summer sitting at an outdoor BBQ at the post commander's home where two IRA priests were guests.
  12. I dont think Assad is in full control of his security apparatus.

    Did he personally sanction the hit on Hariri?

    I find it very hard to believe.
  13. Lets be honest with current cutbacks matched with our overstretched status I'm pretty sure most national leaders know any threat from bliars government has about much affect as a fart in jar.
  14. Air power acting in isolation can't destroy military power - surely the Serbian adventure of a few years back has convinced us of that. I find it difficult to believe that the US can scrape up enough troops to go in with the force necessary to decisively take out the Syrians, keep the lid on the inevitable blow back from Iraq and the rest of the neighbours all at the same time. Unbelieveably the US are already talking about reductions in force size to fund sexy new kit, so it's not going to get better.

    I can't see an Iraqi government that supports the US using Iraq as a springboard to attack Syria being able to stay in power as it's hardly going to be popular - which applies to a lot of other states in the area. IS foreign policy needs to rid itself of the delusion that democracy means voting for US policies.

    Finally, terrorist and freedom fighter are not and never have been absolutes and I'm afraid the current US insistence that they now are is deeply hypocritical. If the US were tough on terror they'd have taken out Menachim "King David Hotel" Begin a long, long time ago. Things change, times change and realpolitik is unavoidable if you wish to minimise the number of dead people. I don't like it but stacking up the corpses through a search for ideological purity is worse.