UK riots and looting II

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pillager, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. As our beloved leaders are waiting for central london to reach its 1940's elegance in time for the olympics and run out of fuel to burn before arresting people. I felt we might as well try to identify how you / we / the great British Public with a rudimentary understanding on public order / riots / cordons / ICPs etc would resolve the issue in the coming days.

    This thread was scoring pretty highly on the google search for London riot so who knows, If you come up with a sensible plan not involving a shed / 49 para / or the SLR, you might be chosen by Messrs Clegg and Cameron to (carry the blame) to assist COBRA over the coming days.

    Basic Rules.
    1 Rather than track each and every conflagration, we will assume that there are 15 scenes of disorder in the city at any one time.
    2 We only have to deal with London.
    3 You are limited to 17,000 police although of course not all are on the base line.
    4 Ambulances are available but limited.
    5 the three central hospitals have ceased admission for all but cat4 cases.
    6 You have, as yet, Not requested MACP, and if you do must allow 24 hours before the Royal Loamshires are bussed in from the far end of the country.

    I will update the fictitious scenario, with collapsed bridges prison break outs and swarms of locusts as time progresses.
  2. I would first of all assume Dictatorial Powers (negates your whole restriction on resources!)

    ALL POLICE OFFICERS IMMEDIATELY RECALLED TO DUTY even those who are unable to perform 'front line Police duties' (these will perform Int & Custody type roles or support to Mil Detachments.

    Call for MACP immediately, 16 Air Assault is an hour and a half by road, quicker by chinook. Call in 2 Bn with Public order eqpmt inclusive of Baton Rounds and other non-lethal weapons (where necessary these can be detached to 'hotspots' in support of and under Tacon the Police Commander. The remainder will be used to establish a cordon around the non affected part of central London, stationed at main roads and through arterials. Each detachment to have a Non-deployable Police Officer for legal support (Custody suite Sgts etc), smaller roads can be manned by PSCOs and Non first line PC's with perhaps some mil support in the form of a QRF. Central holding area for individuals arrested established by RE support unit to 16 AA (is that still 9 Sqn?) complete with razor wire or best alternative, individuals can then be processed in 'slow time'. once processed they can be passed through to a second cage based upon their place of arrest (keeps all the theiving scum in one place according to location of arrest)

    16 AA Med Regt or nearest unit to deploy and establish DS in a central location, Medics to deploy to Base line locs in order to triage (if necessary, minor injuries to DS, Major injuries direct to one of the 3 hospitals) this will allow the Hospitals some breathing space. Other Bns in the Bde to deploy within 6 hours to act as reserve. Other units to provide manpower as and where required in support of Fire or Ambulance ie protection or extra hands.

    Cops released from Policing duties of central London and able to re-enforce where necessary. As additional Mil units become available they can be utilised in much the same way. The same process can be used for multiple locations.
  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    16AA are you mad!!! you dont fight chavs with chavs they hit critical mass and the capital will be devastated.

    labour probably had all the op banner kit thrown away other wise we shoudl have had enough riot kit for around 15,000
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  4. One word: MOAB.
  5. I wish it were true. This fantasy I mean. For many years I have watched as the creeping lunacies of multiculturalism, Liberalism, political correctness and positive discrimination in favour of anyone who wants to shove two fingers up at the law and the state. The twats need a very hard shock. Death is just about hard enough.

    Something to add to the mix: Penal Battalions. Any thieving **** between 17 and 35 nabbed out after the curfew to be given a mandatory two years as a conscript. Training to take place on one of the unoccupied Islands in the North Sea. Thereafter drafted to a place lice Afg, but armed only with pick helves.
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  6. Water canon; baton rounds; CS; serious prison sentences; deportation; machine-guns; tanks; public whipping; castration and execution. Job jobbed!
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  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    can we build a council estate in hellmand? a bit of sharia will sort them out. but not here though.
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  8. Take off and nuke London from orbit. It's the only way to be sure you'll get most of the politicians.
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  9. Nah. You would miss most of them as they are all off on their hols, taking a well deserved break from the rigours of filling out expense claims and the like.
  10. Identify the social media means by which this is spreading. Close, suppress or subvert those means, be they web or text messaging, or bongo drums.

    Use counterintelligence to pinpoint potential troublemakers and neutralise them (with thanks to RATM)

    Insert subliminal messages into selected media that turns them all into zombies/goths (same difference).

    Put mogadon into the water supply.

    Cancel the Nottingham Hill Carnival and threaten more...

    Pray for rain. They don't like rain.
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  11. Go on Facebook and all the other social networking websites and simply list the names of looters with their pictures of 'stuff' that they've nicked, and save the information for recriminations later.
  12. You can't do that, you'll get rio...
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  13. Strange how Rent a Mob surfaces when the Tory is in Power.
    Mind you as I have said over 1 million times on this board I have no time for Cammeroon and must admit he has not covered his self in glory over the last few nights.
    I saw the Police Commander on the BBC giving his views on Sunday morning, after Saturdays nights disturbance and my first though was, This is no Leader of Men, mind you I am biased as I served with some natural born Leaders in my younger days.
    Glad mi old dad is not with us now, Looters are Shot was his comment, old army 36-45.
    The big sin is unemployment and the fact that there are now Family's/Clans where three and possibly four generations have never worked for a living and lived well off the state to which they feel no loyalty.
    Get pizzed and breed.
    Sounds like where I came from, N West England.

  14. Panem et circenses - designed for an obeisant and pliant populace. When you don't get it - take away the circenses. If you still don't get it - take away the panem.
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  15. Obviously we need to send in an elite team of social workers.
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