Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunami, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. THREE proud centuries of tradition have come to an end with the revelation that Britain is no longer capable of making rifles to arm its own troops.

    Instead, experts believe, all European armies will one day be using the same type of weapons.

    The news, branded a national disgrace by one critic, comes after a warning that Britain is in danger of overspending on defence.
  2. yeah we could do with a decent weapon about now!!

    perhaps H & K could pass us a few nice freebies!!
  3. What was that quote?

  4. It's actually:
    Note the (British English) spelling of "plough".

  5. So Accuracy International don't count as a home grown rifle company, used round the world.

    The replacement for the SA80 will almost certainly be made here, whether it is a license from another country or not.
  6. In what factory?
    By what company?

    BSA? RPA? AI? Manroy? None of them have the capability or capacity.
  7. Got to do something with all those empty car factories..

    Don't factories get pretty much bespoke built for such a (not so anymore) huge job as equiping the British army with it's basic assault rifle? If we do a good job of it we could look to export aswell?
    There's got to be thousands of biggish warehouses and facotry building that would take on the task, and we all know how much the MOD loves pishing money away on procurement.
  8. Here's a thought, call me crazy if you will, but the government could start up a company for just this purpose. How about a catchy name like Royal Ordnance and call it's factories Royal Ordnance Factories. There's even an area in Woolwich with a name that would fit with it. Oh what's it called again?...ah yes, Woolwich Arsenal.

    What?'s been done already?...bugger :evil: :roll:

  9. ....Dangerous idea you've got there.
  10. I find myself in complete agreement with you Recce19. Britain has the brains, energy and expertise to compete with anyone in the supply of arms for its own Army.
    There will be plenty of people to tell us why it can not be done, where are the voices that say 'Yes, we can do it"?

    In fact, if the Europeans desire a weapon common to all its members, what is to stop Britain from supplying it? The country used to be fairly good at that sort of thing.
  11. Why not the other Europeans (surprisingly the Brits are Europeans too :twisted: ) found no problem purchasing AI rifles, even the Germans who are not short of companies, Italians too.
  12. Perhaps the problem is that it's no longer us who decides what calibre any new weapons will have to be? As a NATO member, calibre will be decided by the Yanks. If the EU decides to splinter off, it'll be France and Germany that decide.

    Any UK-based arms manufacturer is doomed to failure because a whim by our "bosses" (USA or EU) will decide on the future calibre - and financial interest by them will ensure that the calibre won't be what a UK-based firm has developed, but will be the calibre that their home nations can supply at the time.
  13. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Like what happen with the old .280 (7x43mm) round that we introduced for the EM.2. An execllent all round calibre. We still do have the expertise and capability, but once again it boils down to both the political and financial will to carry out the project. I expect will we stick to the Bullpup concept, as long as we absord the lessons from the A1 debacle, there is still more to learn from the Tavor, FN2000 and SAR21 sytems aswell, modularity and adaptibility will also play their part.
  14. The UK has some excellent engineers but it also has a culture of decrying technical expertise so that the decision-making politicians, civil servants and military personnel treat engineering solutions that they simply do not understand as a political football.