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I am currently in SSSA in which I have all the furniture from my private house. This property has been let out during my time in SSSA.
I am now being posted and intend to occupy my own property again. I am being told by the admin staff that I can not claim UK removals. The reasons given are either that i)I am single or ii)I am moving from SSSA (they have not given me any document reference). The only references that I can see in the 752 or the UK removals guide state that as I am moving into privately owned unfurnished accommodation I am entitled to removals.

Can anyone give any reason they might have for denying me the full removals package?



I thought you could get removals for your 1st move? I stand to be corrected though.
You're single? - No removals. You're looking at UK PASH @£39ish per C/M and your allowance is 2.85 C/M.

Welcome to my world...
Could you let me know the reference which states that this is the case for single people? I know of several single people who have used the UK removals service (albeit not moving from SSSA). I can not find any part of either the JSP752 or the UK removals guide that would stop a singly using the service. The application form for removals includes a statement for single personnel to sign to state that they are moving into private unfurnished property. So this suggests that singlys are entitled when moving to private unfurnished accommodation.
2. Eligibility for UK Removal Service (UKRS)

a) All regular Service personnel moving to Service Family Accommodation (SFA),
Substitute Service Family Accommodation (SSFA) privately owned or privately
rented unfurnished accommodation and their accompanying immediate families, are
eligible to move within the UK under the UKRS at public expense when an assignment
requires a permanent change of duty station.

It reads as though you ARE entitled, but it is very badly written. Having taken issue with this up with SPVA myself, the problem is the wording of the bolded line. The fact that it says AND family bla bla, means it is for families not for singlies.

.pdf]UKRS guide linky

The argument I fought is that the 'and' referred to the fact families are ALSO entitled, as it states 'ALL regular servcie personnel' at the begining. Alas, I got the answer back from Bde that it meant nothing of the sort.

Good luck.
hehe, the power of Arse...

Having posted the above I just recieved a phone call from a WO @ SPVA telling me Bde are talking poo, and anyone needing to move from one property to another ON ASSIGNMENT is entitled to UKRS 67.92 C/M.

So there's a definative answer for you :)
Many thanks for that.

The only obstacle that might be thrown up is that I'm moving from SSSA (effectively SLA). However, nothing I've seen relates to the property being moved from. All the entitlements appear relate to the property being moved into.
Back to the top......

For any other single types out there.

Having submitted my casework to SPVA - the definitive answer is that single personnel are never entitled to use UK Removals Service.
You might not be entitled to a UK Removal Service, however, you are entitled to move at public expense (as highlighted by a previous poster), therefore, in my opinion, you should be entitled (assuming you have an assignment order) to claim the 'Privately Owned' rate of disturbance allowance - as this is the highest of all the disturbance allowances this should make up in some way for the system refusing to move you.

Clearly you need to check JSP 752 yourself, however, 2 key para copied below (from ver 9 of JSP). Key bits: DA based on property you are moving to; you are in SSSA which by default to a RWA



07.0108. General. Only one claim and therefore one rate of DA is payable when a Service person is permanently assigned to a new duty station (but see paragraph 07.0110) (plus the Child Element of DA where appropriate).The DA payment is to be based upon the type of accommodation the Service person is going to occupy for the majority of the assignment (but see paragraph 07.0116).

07.0116. Qualifying Residences. To qualify for DA Service personnel, irrespective of PStat Cat, must be entitled to move at public expense and the move must be to or from a RWA.

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