UK rejection over gun laws review/airgun ban proposed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mac1, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Apparently, not the right time, but rest assured it WILL be. Aberdeen's doing its too, proposing an airgun ban.

    Some might think the American NRA is too militant. I don't.
  2. I'm not surprised to see the story of the unfortunate toddler who was shot by an air rifle bandered about on the article and being used to reinforce the point of view of the pro-ban-everything nuts.
    Yes it was very sad and extremely unfortunate etc, but the fact is that this happened three years ago and to be frank, if the ban-nuts can't do better than dragging up stories that old, they're going to have to look elsewhere just to get the idea of a ban some basic credibility.

    My grandad once fell off his bicycle and broke his arm, some time around 1947 I think. Am I okay to demand that we ban bicycles now?

    Politicians should stick to running the country for the rest of us, not formulating policy for its own sake.
  3. Devolution. Great eh?

    From a quick reading, it looks as if the scots govt is determined to stir shit.

    OTOH, it could just be govt spin.

    Can't stand politicians.
  4. What wasnt told at the time was the fact that the individual who killed that child had been taking pot shots at various people for some time before, this included the local fire brigade. Nobody had thought fit to report what was a firearms offence which could have put the clown away long before he harmed anybody. Instead they did nothing; so in my eyes all those that did nothing are as guilty of murder as the scum that squeezed the trigger.

    There is a 'ban it' mentality in our society which chooses to ignore the fact that when things are banned they become more desireable. Unless I am mistaken possession of heroin without a prescription has been illegal for many years, hasnt stopped heroin use though! Private possession of legal handguns has almost disapeared because of the law, hasnt stopped young clowns killing each other on the streets with said firearms!

    If the law that is already in place is policed properly and those found guilty of ignoring it are dealt with correctly there is no problem.
  5. a couple of things blatently obvious to me:

    infants especially babies almost by definition, are helpless against able bodied adults intent on doing them harm; discussion on weapon availability for harming them is redundant IMO

    shooters can bleat as much as they like about their sport/gun ownership legitimacy/olympic BS/how crime's unconnected/make the sport as pc as possible through the shape of the targets etc: UK govts are indifferent at best towards the sport, and as for the worst, well, we've all seen what they've got up to during the last 20 years and this latest news proves what the "alarmists" were saying in 1988: its SLRs they want to ban now, but everything else some years down the line.
  6. Does nobody ever learn, bans do not stop criminals, the handgun ban did nothing to stop gun crime, the replica ban has done nothing to stop the toting around of replicas by scrotes (they now come painted in bright neon colours, for all of the 5 seconds it takes to get the paint stripper out), stop banning stuff, repeal the current bans (including the SLR ban which is the reason I keep my guns overseas), and lay down proper mandatory minimum sentances for the carrying of and use of (in the commisioning of a serious arrestable offence) offensive weapons, Brandish a firearm of replica firearm in the commision of a crime, instant whole life sentance, possesion of an illegal firearm 15 years, possesion of a replica/airgun in a public place (without a bloody good reason) 10 years, as soon as people realise they're not going to be out in 7 months they'll knock it on the head.

    And no more comfy prisons either, what the hell does an inmate get Sky for?
  7. What politicians fail to realise is that bans only effect the Law Abiding

    Criminals don't care about breaking the Law - It's somewhere in their job description.

    As for criminal sanctions, I'd suggest a series of 'Bolt On' penalties to be added to any other sentences passed, these to be served consecutively and without the possibility of parole
    So for existance
    If a firearm, or that which might be taken for a weapon is used in a robbery, then the sentence for armed robbery should be supplimented by, say an additional two FULL years (for each offence - and none of this serving concurrently crap).
    If the 'weapon' is brandished the two becomes four years
    If the weapon is discharged (including blanks) six years
    If someone is injured, ten years
    If Someone killed twenty-five years (in addition to the mandatory 'life' sentence with, say a minimum twenty year tarrif before parole*)
    All the above to be repeated for each offence.

  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I would like to add. if said weapon is brandished in the direction of an armed police officer, said police officer is allowed to shoot the cnut in the head with ZERO repercussions. Now I'm no fan of the police but I don't see why they should have to go though heaps of paper work and piles of sh1te if they shoot some toss pot who was pointing a gun ( even a replica ) at them.
  9. It's quite simple, a criminal waving a firearm is a threat and should be topped
    A criminal waving an imitation firearm does so with the intent to deceive - it they happen to deceive a copper with a real (loaded) firearm who knows how to use it - tough!

  10. a lot of the time they ARE being topped; its got to the point where whenever its in the news that police have shot someone, I think: someone with an air pistol or replica - and it usually is
  11. We need to ban forks as well because after reading the latest round of do-gooding proposals I want to stab myself in the eye with one and that would hurt and be nasty.