UK rebate unjustified - Chirac

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dui-lai, Mar 23, 2005.

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    And I say feck you Mr Chirac
  2. I think that just about sums it up - two fingers for Chirac :D
  3. Well get this guys!

    This is THE only time i have ever had a reason to commend Mr Blair for his actions. He told reporters that the UK rebate was off limits and not open to negotiation. Stick it to the frog tony! :twisted:

    How long will that last though?
  4. Lets wait and see if Tony doesn't sell us out first :roll:
  5. Well said fcuk off you cheese eating surrender monkey

    What France and Germany couldn't win in war they are trying to get through lefty polititons
  6. Never thought that we would end up paying through the nose for Europe and ending up with the vile Hun and the cowardly Frogs running the show.

    That one has caught us all out and what a right bunch of (straight) bananas (only sold in metric units) we all feel. The little man in the street will be shocked that it turns out that Europe is a big waste of time and money after he was so in favour of installing this extra layer of expensive bureaucracy to run the country.

    Or could it be that as we knew all along, Jonny Foreigner would always try to lower our pantaloons and fedrally screw us up the arrse?
  7. No it was the Conservatives followed by New Liabour that screwed us up the arrse by selling us out to them t@ssers :evil:
  8. dui-lai,

    It is Jonny Foreigner who has screwed us up the arrse, successive governments have mearly pimped us out for f*ck all in return.
  9. True IA, but its our governments I detest more as Johnny was doing what we should have done to him
  10. Oh granted, we have danced around the issue of Europe for so long because none of the major parties are prepared to risk losing votes by saying a final "NO" to the whole misadventure, that what we have done is create a hotch-potch system in which we have been f*cked by countries with a more joined up approach.

    We must decide, either fully in or fully out. I personally would not like to get too pally with any of our European neighbour (Scandi women excepted) and believe that we should jump ship before we end up too deeply embroilled.

    We shouldn't blane Jonny Foreigner for f*cking us, it is in their nature, but it doesn't mean that we should let them off with it.
  11. God bless Maggie for demanding the Rebate.

    It's expensive enough for us anyway and has been an albatross around our necks for the past 20 years. Britain, by and large isn't an agricultural nation so we can't claim the goodies. While every Belgium farmer drives a new Mercedes (They really do 8O ), we just keep on footing the bills.

    European farmers are first paid to produce food. Then when there is too much food, the EU says "Okay, we'll still pay you, just don't produce any more." (Mustn't upset them, they burn roads and block sheep. Or something). So now the farmers are being paid loads to twiddle thumbs and look out of the farmhouse window at....lots of nice big empty fields. So, what do they do? Yep, produce the food anyway, but this time they sell it on the quiet. Who pays for this pantomine? The British taxpayer. It used to be the Germans too but their economy is floundering and they've tightened the purse strings. (We also have to pay for the satellites that try and spot the cheats from space by monitoring the colours of the fields, how much must THAT cost?.)

    To add insult to injury, the countries that enjoy all this are only too keen to make the Club as big as possible and invite any half-arrsed former soviet satellite to the party. Why shouldn't they, it's not their money.

    Just imagine how much this farce would have cost us WITHOUT the rebate. We'd be well fcuked.
  12. Chirac is a lefty? 8O

    Well who knew?
  13. Chirac is an ARRSE-wipe of the highest order.

    I don't agree with praising BLiar just because he told the snotgobbling frog to push off. That is the minimum accepted response. If it had been Maggie she would have threatened old dicck-splash to get back in his box or she would deploy the first 15 from Wales to go over and dish out further lessons in kicking French arrse. Further esculations upto and including nuclear exchange would go without saying.
  14. "What France and Germany couldn't win in war they are trying to get through lefty polititons"

    Maybe not 100% acurate but I agree with the sentiment.
    I consider the Farming policy with it's unjustifiable handout to be at the core of euroland problems.
    Ya Frog and the Kraut who do well out of it will defend it till the last, Belgian ?.
    Three cheers for Maggei, the Greatest English man of the 20th Century.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Until after the election ?

    (Regardless of whether he wins or loses.)