UK 'ready to hand over Afghan detainees'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tuffty, May 29, 2013.

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  1. This made me chuckle rather a lot.

    Up to 90 Afghans held at Camp Bastion are set to be returned to the Afghan authorities, the Ministry of Defence has said, after their lawyers argued that their detention could be unlawful.

    Oh dear, not the outcome i think they wanted. Well done to their Lawyers and the BBC for highlighting this. This time i feel you have done the right thing. Let the Afghan Authorities deal with them in their own special and politically correct way.

    I know who i would rather have guarding me and its not the Afghan Authorities
  2. once they've been handed over how long before the same lawyers are claiming against the MoD for failing to make sure they were treated correctly by the Afghans? Obviously on behalf of the families of the suddenly deceased. If we can't hand over 'hate preachers' to their own country in case they suffer torture or are prosecuted with evidence gained through torture we can't send these chaps back to their fellow afghans. we should bring them to UK for their own safety.
  3. Woops, the Politically correct Legal luvvies have screwed this up royally.
  4. Fanny.
  5. By 'up to 90' I presume they mean 'absolutely no where near 90'.
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  9. I concur. Posting a brief riposte, then waiting a while stewing in anger before editing the post to inject aimless bile, is definitely a bite.

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  11. Fanny
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    Let the anger build up a little obviously, but you should definitely not leave it there.
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  14. Sense of deja vue here! Does anyone know what the solution was when a similar problem was met in Iraq?