UK radical Muslims to mark 9/11 anniversary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sandy_boots, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. 8O
  2. ...they seem to have forgotten the Queen.
  3. I am in deep disbelief at the state of this country of late. I truly believe in democracy and free speech but these "scum" go beyond that in much the same light as the BNP does.

    When will we see some political party stand up and say what the majority of the British people want to hear :evil:

    Oh, before I Islamic state , here? Over my dead bleeding body :evil:
  4. Too right, absolutly outrageous. Will the govt put them right? will they fu*k :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. There are muslims,many moderate, who expect we will become just that - an Islamic state.

    There are other threads where this is/was being discussed but in short one member truly believes muslims will become the majority in England by demographic means i.e they have larger families than us and the migration stats are frightening.
  6. I hesitate to say it and I will truly kick myself for doing it but.................Has the BNP recently made any outrages statements? Have they said anything that some might not fully or partially agree with? Any comparison is IMHO I understand it the BNP has never advocated force or murder.

    Even the now notorius Oldham riots were not instigated by the I understand it they:

    a) Proposed a march
    b) Had it refused
    c) Anti-Nazi Protestors congregated in Oldham.
    d) Large gang of asian youths then attacked group of White youths.
    e) Riot by largly Asian mob.

    8O 8O :? :?
  7. Ah but no LWM, you surely don't expect the truth from these clowns??

    On the face of it the BNP is a fairly extreme group. Modern PC attitudes preclude people from (openly) supporting the BNP as this will lead to claims of racism. Lets face it, even being accused of racism can be fairly devastating these days.

    So most people have a few ideas of how things should be but on the whole it seems to be a case of "put up and shut up". I'm sure if enough of the public demo'd against these sort of people (9/11 memorial group) there would be a change of attitude.

    Maybe that's just a particularly naive political oppinion but it's nice to have hope for now.
  8. if i could get away with it, i would slot those islamic radical clerics without a second thought, they advocate murder, destruction and killing of innocent children.
    they do not deserve to live in this country whose ways they despise, yet they enjoy WESTERN benefits,drive WESTERN made cars,enjoy WESTERN education systems, protected WESTERN law and order, use WESTERN made mobile phones, use WESTERN made weapons and watch WESTERN made TV.

    why don't they fcuk off back to the unholy sandpit they come from if they so depise our WESTERN livestyle, so why are they living here ?
  9. Did you know about this?

    [url] [/url]

    Watch your backs, mates! Seriously this isn't anything to take lightly.
  10. Sadly a large number of them export their daughters away from those WESTERN values and education while importing suitably broken brides from the "old country" for their sons.

    By the way my GF and I have come to the conclusion that Muslims are into female circumcision (or Genital Mutilation to be more accurate) because they are really CRAP SHAGS and not very well endowed. Therefore they must lock their women up and remove their sensory organs to prevent them from realising just how rubbish they are.

    Sorry, I digressed, let the sods have their celebration at least we know who and where they are then.
  11. BTW

    This has had wide coverage in the UK media. This revolting creature (who naturally lives on welfare benefits paid for by the people he despises so much), often spouts extreme anti-Western rhetoric. He and his organisation are widely considered to be the eyes and ears of Al-Qaeda in UK. Tony Bliar's government have signally and shamefully failed to do anything about it, for fear of losing muslim votes.

    Whilst I dislike Israel's methods of dealing with alleged terrorists, I would be happy to make an exception in the case of members of Al-Mujahiroun... :twisted:
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Because, like the holy men they are, they have chosen to live in the kaffir wilderness until it can be 'educated' into the ways of the one true god, Allah !

  13. 8O I'd rather be martyred!
  14. He's in good company then [​IMG]