UK Probation "Service" who does it serve, an American view

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thegimp, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Not normally one to big up our "cousins"

    In light of the recent home office shennanighans, prisoners freed, convicted illegal immigrants lost this is interesting reading

    An american ex cop/ex SF, marries, moves to the UK get a job in the probation service and is eventually fired for what appears to be doing his job diligently and with energy

    His view is one of "Public protection" apparently not what the probation "service" believes

    I can imagine he was a royal pain in the arrse and rubbed people up the wrong way but isn't this the kind of bloke you require when "interfacing" with "offenders"

    Comments please (Not from sergei if at all possible :roll: )
  2. Actually, its not much different here. You can get fired for doing your job too well. Especially in police work. So, the article doesn't surprise me.
  3. What a bizarre story.

    Sadly, I've seen exactly the same problem. I've got a letter of reprimand in my file somewhere for going outside of Army channels in order to get my job done when the Army wasn't overly forthcoming. To hell with mission accomplishment, it seems. The system is the goal.

  4. People keep voting for the Labour Party. What do they expect?
  5. what a sad state of affairs. seems like we could do with a few more people like him in that job... even if he is a spam.
  6. exactly how I imagined the probation service more intrested in pushing paper around and the rights of offenders than protecting the public :cry:
    god knows how you turn it around though
  7. One day trying to prove someone was guilty is an inordinate amount of time. :x

    Try telling that to the parents, relatives and friends of people killed by drink drivers.

    Good on him, nothing like a little guilt trip to gee up someone into actually doing the job they are paid to do.

    In this case showing the under achievers how wrong they are has backfired for Terrence Houlahan, possibly due to the sheer volume of under achievers employed in the probation service.

    Good luck with your Tribunal Mr Houlahan, I would buy you a beer if I met you (even though you are American :D ).
  8. One very conscientious man taking his job seriously and going up against the system. And he lost.

    Far from giving him the elbow, they should have put him in charge of the whole thing! Maybe then there'd have been a few teeth in Phoney Tony's claim "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime".

  9. if offenders get ajob and clear there act up I'm allfor giving them apat on the back but until they do that they need watching like ahawk :(