UK population redicted to rise to 78 million by 2051

This will be Neue Arbiets lasting legacy, Britain will become one of the most densely populated and overcrowded countries on the planet.


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Just like Bangladesh :(
I'll be pleasantly surprised if I'm still around to see that date to worry about it but I don't thin the UK as a country can cater for that many inhabitants.
If we look at watersupply alone, infrastructure isn't coping to well with the 62 million we've got.
I'll be pleasantly surprised if I'm still around to see that date to worry about it but I don't thin the UK as a country can cater for that many inhabitants.

I'm gonna the Isle Of Wight.
Population demographic's like voodoo....mostly bollocks.
If you ignore places like Hong Kong, ENgland is already the 4th most densely populated country on Earth, and we're going to be increasing our population for the next 40 years at a rate equivalent to a new city the size of Leeds each year.
Population demographic's like voodoo....mostly bollocks.
Only bollox in as much as it has persistently and drastically UNDERESTIMATED UK population growth over the last decade.


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I don't care who or what these extra 20,000,000 Souls are - there are already too many people in the UK for it's infrastrucutre and resources to cope with. This is a ridiculous number, and action should be taken to see that this does not come to pass.

Of course, nothing will be done.
This will be Neue Arbiets lasting legacy, Britain will become one of the most densely populated and overcrowded countries on the planet.
Will become? I believe that we are already the second most densely populated.

Coincidentally, I hear on the radio that Pakistan are playing their first home series in England. First test opens at Lords' today.

The right wing are on the rise within Europe, as scarcity increases its inevitable that extreme political forces gain prominance with the politics of blame.

Can we cope with such a population rise? of course. Britain has engaged in vast public works projects that have been in part or wholly privately funded - it has coped with greater population increases with Victorian age technology - but that came with Victorian age attitudes.

There is a staggering amount of brown field land wasted in the UK, a vast amount of it in and around london dating from the 3rd industrial expansion of 1912-1933. It is tied up in expensive long term waste clearence concerns. If it comes down to essentially housing millions of pointless jobless individuals and long term infertility caused by lead poisoning then I dont think anyone here would have any trouble sticking Whet in a walled slum in the West London/Reading industrial wasteland.

Secondly public works and infrastructure projects can and will be done in future on a vastly faster time scale. If the japanese can do it now whilst maintaining great health and safety records, I am sure we can see some legislative changes to building and employment regs when we have a few hundred people die of a cholera outbreak in central london.

Finally food and medicine is not really going to be an issue by the middle of the century as long as two things happen. The daily mail implodes up in its own arse taking the Papists from the Labour party with it, removing the biggest barriers to genetically modified food and genetic research programs for health. Health maintaining implants and drug regulators are only decades away which is going to take a huge weight of the NHS. Finally inner city block farms can produce vast quantities of high nutrition gm crops to feed the proles and unemployed.

Vertical farming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia to get a sense of what people are playing around with.

Essentially we can take the increase without an impact on the UKs green spaces and public infrastructure (given the pre-requisite legislative support) will expand to cope when the shit begins to hit the fan. Couple this with massive standard of living incentives to just **** off to other bits of the EU which will have tonnes of space (Ukraine and Georgia or even Russia by then). Benefits, this includes the universal provision of some government services, cannot and will not exist in the current form in 20 years, which will see a dramatic flight of 1st and 2nd generation immigrant famalies which are the source of our very high levels of population growth.

Or the government can do nothing and we will see a fair bit of either ethnic cleansing (presumably as we are Britain we will stick them all on a boat for somewhere hot and sandy) - I think we all know deep down the lower classes are a racist reactionary bunch who mobilise en masse for events of percieved self preservation.

All of this discounts a major war at some point, which is well overdue and presumably pakistan and india going at it will suck away a large proportion of the main sources of high birthrates.
Amazing how people are so willing to believe the evil Communist BBC when it suits them, eh?

Big Shouty Headline said:
Ethnic minorities are set to make up a fifth of the UK population in 40 years, a University of Leeds study predicts.
Bloke wot did the study" said:
It is impossible to predict exactly how people will move into, out of and within the country... as all of these trends are influenced by a whole range of socio-economic factors.
The Beeb didn't even notice the contradiction in their own article?
Won't be here, will be 6ft under by then. So good luck and toddle pip.
Are you saying the predictions are innacurate or that the BBC have stuffed up the article? Or both?

I'm saying that the man who oversaw the study made clear that the situation could not be predicted but that the BBC then went ahead with a story about 'predictions'.

I'm saying that they then failed to notice when they quoted him that his expert opinion contradicted their headline.

I'm also saying I doubt very much that there would have been anywhere near this unquestioning assumption that the article was entirely correct and unbiased had the BBC said anything positive about either ethnic minorities or immigration.

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