UK politics riven with Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. What complete and utter balls.
  2. Its Melanie Phillips..the UK equivalent of Mark Steyn.
  3. British politics is riven with anti-semetism?

    A recent leader of the opposition was Jewish, so is the shadow chancellor, the former Labour Foreign Secretary is as well , Oona was an MP and is Black and Jewish, Evan Harris Lib Dem etc etc.

    I didn't hear the Prime Minister criticise Israel over Lebanon , nor over the recent incursions of Lebanese airspace in defiance of the ceasefire.

    Criticism of the latest incursions into Gaza? Nope. In fact if anything , this Government bends over backwards to accomodate Israel.

    Who writes this garbage?

    Oh, Melanie Phillips. :roll:

    More from the poisoned word processor here

    I guess some of the comments in reply on the blog won't make her happy either.
  4. We've heard the same about French politics from the same type of sources for years and then we end up with at least three jews in the race for presidency....

    -Strauss Kahn

    Considering jews are making up about 1% of the French population, that's not bad innit ?
  5. By Melanie Phillips- you mean that fcuking hack from the Daily Mail that cannot separate stated Israeli policy from the Talmud or the Torah?

    Give me a fcuking break.

    (Sorry, early knock-off today. LASHCON 1 was set 11 hours ago.)
  6. What a load of sh!t. Once again, everyone who questions U.S. policy on Israel is a neo-Nazi. :roll:

    I might add that Americans have yet to elect a Jewish head of state (although there is no shortage of Jewish Americans in politics) whereas Benjamin Disraeli became Prime Minister in 1868. Yes, he was raised Anglican, but real anti-Semites probably wouldn't make those distinctions, and I understand that he himself identifed as culturally Jewish.

    Well, when you hit bottom, Canter's Deli is open all night. :D
  7. This sort of hysterical ranting says more about the deep seated uncertainty and fear felt by those backing current US/Israeli policy than it does about the UK. It highlights the polarisation of US politics that we now see. It also reflects a deeply arrogant, deeply stupid attitude towards the only country to really support the US in its foreign policy.

    After all, three years ago it all seemed so successful. Saddam was gone, democracy on the way and so on ... yet now the dream has shattered. Iraq is a bloody mess, and no matter how many Lebanese, Hizb'Allah, or Palestinians the Israelis kill they are still no safer. Iran, NK, the bomb ... it's all falling apart.
  8. Utter b0ll0cks - but then what do you really expect from a self-centred arrogant bunch of self praising Septics.
  9. How about the last comment by Faith:

    Just about proves the small-minded and ignorant attitude of so many. Does Faith have any understanding of the real world beyond 'little america'?

    Show how manipulated many are, and how easy it is to manipulate still further...
  10. Melanie Phillips used to make me angry. Nowadays she just makes me depressed, as more and more people seem to express similar views.

    I think I'll go and lie down for a bit... :cry:
  11. I absolutely agree that the doctrine of multiculturalism is promoted (and not only in the UK) too enthusiastically. British national identity, traditional values, customs, style of life should be on the first place anyway. As for customs, interests, culture of the minorities such as Arabs, Pakistanians, Indians, Jews... oooooops... it would be an anti-Semitism again, so I revoke my proposition.

    It is a very hard task to please such a dame as ms. Phillips. Whatever you do it would be regarded as anti-Semitism.
  12. It's less Anti-Americanism, as Anti-Right-Wing-Extremist-Americanism. We can learn a lot from America's clear thinking on its protectionism of its 'national-values'. As Britain is mired in a malaise of its own making on what constitutes 'British values' the Americans are far less muddle headed.

    The Oxbridge elite that led Empire's expansion in far flung foreign fields served us well, but their ilk in the 50s and 60s created a confused sense of identity which has left us flapping around for a rudder in the dark. It's this bit that America is rightly contemptuous of.

    The Achilles Heel for America is that they're at the height of their Empire and so consumed by their own righteousness they've let their Right Wing go off the scale. They struggle to debate without frothing at the mouth which means people just ignore them. Which they take as Anti-Americanism?
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    Why do you habitually equate dislike and/or disapproval of the current US Govt.'s policies with 'anti-Amercanism'? Americans and their culture are well received and admired throughout the world regardless of what people think of Pres. Bush et al.

    Should I think Tony Blair a moron and his policies as abhorent, would that make me anti-British?