UK police using remote vehicle immobilisers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by two_of_seven, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. I recall episodes of Spooks & Ultimate Force, using a remote vehicle immobiliser, which seemed to switch off a car engine from a distance & prevehnt further use.

    I assumed this to be science fiction, tho a work colleague tells me UK Police have regular access to this equipment & the spiked stinger is now used only rarely.

    Does anyone know if these devices are now in use or what their correct name is?
  2. They're quite a popular extra on high end and police bait vehicles out here in Canada. Though the name of them escapes me. You'll probably find that the device is mostly used by police bait vehicles in blighty.
  3. I am pretty sure one force tried putting a recovered 'shiny' motor out in car parks for baiting scum with... the problem was the criminal couldn't get out of the vehicle (due to the interior handles being relocated to the Police Forces MT office) and there was no indication that the car had caught a scummer, other than a Bobby checking in every so often like a lobsterman and his pot.

    Needless to say the car broke a number of 'me 'uman rites, guv, innit'. Including an attempt to get it cancelled as 'entrapment'.

    Having said that, I saw a report recently in which a car is available complete with remote driving capability and the remote turn off facility. The doors can be locked by remote and (my personal fave) the air con was replaced with CS gas if the scum get a bit lairy inside the vehicle whislt awaiting detention.
  4. Some good answers there,

    Does anyone know if it has been trialled or deployed as a direct replacement for stinger in UK?
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    My advice is to nick an older car for your getaway, probably from the 80's, fi you're worried that your local force will use this on you. An 80's Merc 500 of a BMW 7 series should do the trick.
  6. Can't see it myself mate. It's expensive for a start and probably won't be a standard fit for years to come. Therefore stinger will always have a use.

    Most cars in the UK from about 1995 onwards had standard fit imobilisers with, I believe, almost all now having them. It stops most vehicle thefts by "joyriders" but with a side effect of most cars being stolen via burglary. As the older cars phase out car thefts will continue to drop.
  7. Remember the story, I think it was Merseyside Force who used an old car that was famous for being easy to steal (Sierra??) and left it in car parks that were famous for having cars stolen. They had to let the car drive a certain distance( cos if you don't move it, you're not stealing it) and it would then cut out and all the windows and doors would lock. Plod would then turn up and look for the car and arrest the occupants. If I remember correctly, it worked three times and then someone nicked it. If you google Police car trap it talks about Manchester fuzz as well.