UK Police To Address German Shepherds In Native Language

LONDON: British police dog handlers are learning to give orders to their animals in German after bosses decided to import Alsatians because of a shortage of suitable animals here, media reports said Friday.


But the imports cannot understand commands in English, the Daily Telegraph said. "If you say, 'let go' in English, they just look at you like you are crazy," one dog handler told the newspaper. Handlers have had to learn a series of orders in German, including "sitz" (sit), "platz" (down), "aus" (let go), "holen" (fetch) and "bissen" (bite).

'British police learn German to talk to dogs'
11 Jan, 2008, 1700 hrs IST, AGENCIES
Can't they attend night school and study "English as a Foreign Language"?

Far too much pussyfooting with these accursed foreigners!
So it´s true then,the dogs are doing the handling!

This happened in Hong Kong when the police bought cheaper chinese dogs,they had to give them much smaller names as their old ones were so long, the crook would have escaped before the handler had finished calling out his name,let alone giving the order to apprehand him!

But at least THEY could train the dog with different words.

edited for schoite syntax!

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