UK Police cause us to be more vulnerable to terrorism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. When will the Modern day Gestapo ever learn? Perhaps if they had used this power as intended in would still be there for them to use.

  2. So the Police get a Power to search people without suspicion,

    They searched people without suspicion,

    The Courts rule this is wrong,

    You say, if they hadn't searched people without suspicion then they would still have the power to search people without suspicion?

  3. Quite why we've allowed a faceless European court to pass judgement on the laws of this country signed by HM the Queen I can't fathom...
  4. And that is the true crux of the matter.
  5. Because lawful rule of our land was handed over to The Eurotrash without asking.
  6. Indeed,and were now totally up le creak without le paddle !
  7. Perhaps targeting those who might actually match profiles in regards to appearance or activity might have yielded better results and less complaints? Like most new powers recently, it seems to have been over used in situations unrelated to their original purpose.

    I hope it's the town councils and their 'waste surveillance' next...


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  8. In some areas.... :roll:
  9. It is the use of the power completly out of context and far too frequently. My point was that if it had been used for the purpose intended, ie in specific areas for limited periods of time this would have been less likely to have gone to court in the way it did.

    In the case of the Met they used the 'entire Metropolitan Police area forever'.
  10. Western's link seems not to work, so here's one that does. I'd be interested to know how he came up with the thread title; presumably there's something in the missing Times online page that explains how temporarily inconveniencing a small number of people makes the country more vulnerable to terrorism...

    Edited to add: will this judgement apply to S60 CJPO authorisations as well?
  11. Agreed, though in this case they've actually got the right end of the stick. We have a right to walk down the street unhindered. Stop and search should not be used however and whenever the police see fit.
  12. It all went a bit down hill when we abolished the burning of witches IMO. Just think we could perhaps get a new *Fawkes* night but this time the catholics wont be so nervous.
  13. He's suggesting that by using the power inappropriately, they've managed to have it declared illegal and lost the use of it.

    Personally, I don't think stop and search is something that should ever be carried out without a reason to suspect (except as a condition of entry).
  14. Entry to what? :?
  15. Your wrong. Stop and Search should. Anti terrorism powers shouldn't. If they weren't used as and when a Police Officer saw fit then the bloke with the knife on a night out, the car with a boot full of cannabis or the burglar with 5 stolen watches in his undercrackers would have just walked straigh passed the plod.

    The problem with the use of these powers were as Western said. Blanket authority, instead of just leaving it up to the bobby out and about to justify why he wanted to search you. If you think these changes in legislation will change who gets searched you're sadly mistaken. They'll still get searched only under different legislation such as PACE, Drugs act, Criminal Justice and Public Order Act etc etc etc. If its anything like where I work they'll only get searched when they need it as the bobby will not be wanting to fill in the mandatory 2 bits of paperwork after the search.