UK Police being offered hardship/danger money

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. *shakes head in disbelief*
  2. If plod went in to those areas mob handed and started earning their fecking wages, there wouldn't be 'no-go areas' and they wouldn't need danger money. This is from the same 'force' that's always pleading bloody poverty. Yeah, I know... it's not plod's fault, they're tied by the system etc. I give up... pretty much like the poor bloody residents of Longsight really.
  3. Where will it all end?
  4. Maybe spending the money on 7.62mm rounds to put in the heads of scum on the streets would be more worthwhile.

  5. I have a good idea,shoot all the doley scum as they collect their benefit's,then nip round to all the doctors and put a gun to the head of all those workshy cnuts on long term sick and offer them the choice of get a job in a week or get the third eye and I reckon the crime rate would drop plus with the money we save we could pay your lads a proper wage
  6. There should be no areas that police are scared to go to.

    I fear this is a case of senior management conducting a 'risk assessment' and deciding that letting the scum get away with it was less politically risky.

    There should be more fortitude in govt and senior police to order officers into these areas and support them in taking control.

    Danger money's a daft idea
  7. When will this sadness ever end?

    If the law worked in the first place, we would not have this cr@p. (the police not been the law but the up holders of it) its quite clear they do not have the confidence or enthusiasm they once had! That’s why they are crap

    The documentary on ITV 16 Nov 07 "the thin blue line" opened my eyes, PCSO what a waste of money (there intentions maybe good) no real deterrent or power of arrest! For every 10 PCSO they could have up to 8 proper plod??

    Also in the papers and I think on some other thread

    Some bloke commits a theft £100 quid plus and has to pay back £40 fine and £40 costs. Maths was not my strong point at school but 40 plus 40 does not quite make £100.
  8. Danger money for the poor s0ds who have to live there?

    (dole filth excepted)

    I quite like the thought of the cops adopting a different approach to policing. How about going into these no-go areas en masse, invoking MACP/MACA, supported by troops with bayonets fixed...anyone with a firearm or knife a legitimate target...

    There will be plenty of experienced troops following the last couple of years in Basra.

    If they can shoot a Brazilian in the head for wearing a bulky jacket....
  9. Oh yes frigging danger money for the old bill, and what do we residents get feck all. However as a resident of one of them areas mentioned, let me say, the Police do a marvellous job stopping and checking for non taxed cars.

    Anything else forget it, it aint that they are scared, its cos their frigging lazy, that and the fact they like stopping behind asda for a pie, oh and also at the back of the cafe.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Is there any difference between their proposed bonus and the one that we currently receive for Iraqistan?
  11. Id say so, you do a job out there, and the coppers in Longsight dont.
  12. :x
  13. The idea is being discussed to attract experienced officers to work in areas plagued by gang-related crime like Moss Side, Longsight and Cheetham Hill.

    Just a thought,but whatever happened to you serve where you are told to serve,or has that gone nowadays?
  14. They deserve danger money don't they?

    Ok, then maybe they don't. They should be issued a set of Bollox instead!