UK Police! Are we the stick?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by CPOAAC, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. Apparently I'm in a service industry (well the name of my company ends in 'service' so therefore it must be!!) However the majority of people I spoke to last night whilst I was delivering a 'quality service' really didn't want to know. My customers are not very 'service' orientated. I've been on the phone this morning to a few good friends in other countries who do the same job and provide the same service and apparently their company titles all end in the word 'force' once translated. It's a very strong word so I was quite shocked but what I was amazed about is that they carry firearms and other very nasty pieces of equipment that mean that their customers quickly become very service orientated. Perish the thought!!!
  2. We used to have a Police Force that provided a service. Now we have a Police Service that provide a force.

    Add to that silly laws, criminalisation of good folk and a target culture and red tape...go figure.

    I speak from experience, domestic dispute with missus, no violence whatsoever, Police and Social Services have destroyed my family, I hope the lot of them rot in hell.
  3. FHA

    FHA LE

    We used to have a Police Force that acted for the people, but now just serves the Government.
    It's so easy for decent people to get a criminal record for meaningless sh!te while little pricks with triple-figure criminal records are free to do what the hell they want.
    Don't take my word for it though: this is from my Police Sgt mate who admits they're more interested in nicking drivers using mobiles, than they are in sorting out the local East Europeans running the child-prostitution rackets, or the Somali mugging syndicates relieving kids of their ipods at knifepoint.
  4. Can I continue or shall we just sack this post? The fact that decent folk have responded with very genuine responses means there must be a call for this topic. I agree with the fact that Uk police should not be targeting anything other than violent repeat offenders and that random personal disputes should be dealt with 'in house'.
  5. Do one. You boring, pig ******.
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  7. A driver using a mobile = 1 crime, 1 conviction = a result for minimal effort.

    Euro-pikey child-prostitution or Somali muggers, well why bother? They're better organized, batter armed and they've got better lawyers. If you arrest one, there'll be an expensive trial on legal aid, resources will be wasted and at the end they'll get off or get an ASBO. Why bother? It isn't policing by the people, of the people and for the people anymore.

    I think there is an opening in this service sector for a bit of private enterprise. Euro-pikey benefit fraudster convictions should get a payout from the DWP in respect of the savings. Similarly, a mugging conviction should get a payout from the insurance companies in respect of the reduction in claims. Euro-pikey child prostitution; kneecaps. Skinny mugger; hand. A bit of PFI investment is long overdue here. I believe a similar enforcement business was operated by two enterprising, but misunderstood individuals called Ronnie and Reggie, but their competitors had them closed down.

    If the police don't police, then we need an alternative that does. So what would you suggest CPOAAC?
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    well.i thought you carried a big stick on you? pity you were not using the **** on some of the ***** who ******* deserve the **** in this ******* country.****.
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  9. Don't go near Barnsley mate. BBC News - Swearing in Barnsley: Spot fines for potty mouths :)
  10. They contained him. If he'd run off hacking at the general public, or if a copper had tripped over, it could have had a very different outcome and people would be whining about why only 30 officers were sent. The job was done, not pretty but pretty effective. You do wonder where the tazers were when needed, though.
  11. Yeah I bet ya would...................yawn !!! gobshite
  12. the met only issue tasers to TSG & firearms, who were all "busy elsewhere" I agree this was more luck then good judgement
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