UK poised to invade itself in Al-Qaeda crackdown

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dogmeat, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. More here.
  2. Long overdue!!!!
    I have long believed that there are parts of London, Manchester and Birmingham that would be vastly improved by bombing (indescriminate of course)
  3. this is that piss take site isnt it?

    oh just read the thing about judges using puppets so the jury understand the law............i ts either a piss take or the glasgow gazzete
  4. know what a mean aye no
  5. I firmly believe that a strong show of force is necessary to those dissidents hiding amongst us that they have no place to... err, go after evening prayers at the dole centre. We know who they are. Characterised by having multiple wives sporting moustaches and wearing Gurkhas from head to foot, they inhabit large and palatial houses and cars all provided free by the state. However due to the similarity between islamic terrorists who have vowed to destroy Britain and all it stands for and a domestic group with similar aims known as Empees, the Empees will henceforth have to wear 3 white Chevrons clearly displayed, so that US military aircraft can kill them for being friendly forces.
  6. My bold

    I would imagine that to be one very strange fetish wearing small Nepalese soldiers from head to foot, and I though i'd seen it all :eek: :) :)

  7. No, this is that other piss take site. :)