UK planning 'Cyber Reserve' defence force

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. msr

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  2. OldSnowy

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    It's obviously right for the MOD to lead this, as they've been so successful over the years implementing major IT projects......
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  3. This strikes me as long overdue. Our potential adversaries may choose to adopt alternative weapons and unconventional (or asymmetric) strategies, perhaps attacking us through vulnerabilities in our open civil societies. What is needed is a specialist unit formed by volunteers with all manner of professional and personal backgrounds, selected for their professional skills. This will reduce the training burden on the military such that only military skills need to be provided to these volunteers - their technical skills would be the main selection criteria.
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  4. I'd rather they get their shit in one Sock reference MOSS and DII first!
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  5. Cyber Reserve! Did someone call me!
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  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. the BBC has had a cyber reserve for years...


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  8. I take it your avatar is of you holding your breath that something sensible, well thought out, and doable, will be the result. I can't help thinking that nothing will really be done until the cyber attack has started.

  9. And as we all know, only the SLR was gun enough to deal with these beggars!

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  10. Seriously don't hold your breath. Only the very vaguest of vague details have been sketched out; a good deal of the chat is - as one might expect with the Army - about the rank these 'Cyber Specialists' will hold. But not much else.

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  11. Jeez, is this another attempt to copy the American National Guard - Following the battles fought by the NY National Guard (Rainbow Div) aliens i.e. 2007 I am Legend. 2008 Cloverfield, etc...

    and so back to the formed TA units argument.
  12. GCHQ is bigger than SIS and MI5 combined. They recruit the best we have a put them to work at Cheltenham. In what wacky world would the TA be able to resource and equip such professionals on a national level?! If you are buying into the impending cyber doom narrative surely you would want to be protected by people with the requisite aptitude to fill a tea urn? I'm not being self effacing I just don't see the capability or skills set needed in the Army outside of the Sigs/ECM field.

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  13. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps you should open your eyes. Just because GCHQ is bigger than your trainset, that doesn't mean they have the monopoly on clever people or technical excellence. Quite the reverse in fact...

    You're not being self-effacing, just a bit of a knob. Sorry.

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