UK para with US parachutist badge

As two US generals have been posted wearing Brit wings, here is the current French Chief of the Army General Staff, General J-P. Bosser (former CO 8 RPIMa and Commander 11 Para Bde with his up:
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He is also an honorary "Caporal" of the French Foreign Legion as seen in this picture:
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Interesting to note the bling difference between him and the two afore-posted US Generals.
Top bloke. Proud of his association with the UK Airborne community. Practical in his assessment of UK-FR collaboration.
Unless he is/was currently "in post" with the French, Exchange/Liaison Officer or French Staff College, and just popped back for the photo op with Wills.
Yes you've got it in my opinion. While at Pau there was a Para officer - AlecHoney who was followed in roll by a Grenadier. Can't recall where the LO was based, however Alec gravitated to Pau.

I did a short stint at St.Cyr in the late '60's to train the OC's on Uk Para drills to jump onto Hankley DZ on 'Ex Madelon (sp?) and onto Sandhurst with the exchange being the following year on Ex Tipperary to St. Cyr.
The SAS throughout the '70's ran the annual E&E for all personnel not on Ops in the region of Pau. All of the Guards Independent Para Sqn did their HALO training in Pau long before the UK course came along. There was great liaison in those days.
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[QUOTE="184461, post: 9111015, member: 101425"I'm sure he'll save the British one's for a speshul occasion, Yuri.

Just like Stan the man.


Them one's is Belgian wings.
Takes a special kind of badge collector to wear French wings on service dress. What a fu*king mong.
I used to have some French wings obtained from Vietnam, I shall have a look to see if they are still knocking around. Blingy'est French brevet de parachutiste you will ever see.
Nah, its fine. If he can get away with wearing it then more power to him. He will probably have done it either at Texel or Teuge in Holland. The Cloggie basic wing is allowed for wear by uniform personnel in Holland including Cuzzers and plods, it has the same teaching/training elements as the military wing with the little star at the bottom. It is treated as an adventure training wing as it misses one of the jumps being with kit and an additional night jump - receiving the wing as a squaddie of whatever nation does mean it is entered in the official Cloggie military wing recipients register.

The Cloggie jump schools run a fair few military personnel only courses through the year, they last around 2 - 3 days and you complete 5 jumps.

If we get over to Germany this summer I am taking Master Effendi off to do the Dutch Walty Wings course as he has asked if he can do it now that he has reached 16.

The Cloggies are not the only ones that do these type of military wing awards for adventure training which may be worn on uniform, others include: Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and, I think, Bulgaria. There used to be a Dutch element who had their own jump school up in north Germany (Sieven, or Zeven the place was called) by the boxhead para's, all the boxhead personnel attached to the para's used to go to the Cloggies to get the Cloggie wing. They also used to run the Cloggie basic HALO course up there for the red wing, it was a basic AFF course - nice wing though.

MSQ: Military Static Line | Paracentrum Texel
I can attest as to Hungary and Poland having gotten theirs back in the early 90's while doing some liaison work after the wall came down.
I can attest as to Hungary and Poland having gotten theirs back in the early 90's while doing some liaison work after the wall came down.
Did you get the Polish certificate? I think I still have the one given me, bloody huge thing like the Magna Carta.

On the subject of you speshul types doing post-iron curtain visits & jumps; I had a retired NVA Fallschirmjaeger Major telling me of the time they had bier too many with THEM who came to visit, jumped and were awarded the NVA Fallschirmsprung Abzeichen.

The NVA blokes still get together nowadays and have an active association where they yomp, dive, and even jump out of planes. After the DDR collapsed they formed their association to look after each other and copyrighted the design of the official jump insignia - go do a jump with them nowadays and you are awarded the insignia along with a certificate which looks very similar to the original issue certificate.

From speaking with a few over the years I am under the impression that the Russians used the NVA para's to do the dirty, tricky jobs, as they were better trained and more disciplined than the Russian paras. I was told of a unit of NVA paras over on the Soviet Chinese border who were ostensibly looking for Sov deserters heading to China through the mountains. The tale is that a week would not go by where they were not in 'contact' with Chinese forces as the border lines get pretty blurry up high, on snowy mountains.

Startseite - Willkommen beim Fallschirmjäger-Traditionsverband Ost e.V.

Good book on the NVA Falli's:
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It would appear that the Irish Guards are getting in on the unnecessary foreign bling act, though why the chap next to him with the QCVS/MiD is apparently missing a medal I'm not sure.

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The missing medal is for the ACSM11, qualified and gazetted but not available for formal award as yet!
My dog is such a dickhead jumping off stuff with no fear whatsoever, I've put a set of jump wings on her harness. She's a dachshund who thinks she's a collie, so now she's a walt walt.......or a walt squared so to speak.
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